Yailin paralyzed the network with a tight mini dress

Yailin paralyzed the network with a tight mini dress

Yailin, the most viral, is a young singer born in the Dominican Republic who, although she recently launched herself as an artist, is known to be the wife of the Puerto Rican scavenger. Annual AA, with whom he would go through a couple crisis and the rumors of separation are multiplying. However, the 20-year-old tries to stay away from controversy and criticism and took to her social media to show why she is one of the most desired by wearing a skintight mini dress where her curves could be appreciated.

In the last days, Yailin, the most viral announced the launch of a documentary that tells the story and origin of the “dembow” genre and can be viewed via the Amazon Prime Video platform. The production is called ‘The cradle of Dembow’ and its main objective is to tell where these new sounds come from and also what are the main referents. In addition to the 20-year-old young singer, he has the participation of artists such as Farruko, Carlos Efrén, among others.

At the beginning of this year, the relationship between yailin, most firedly Anuel AA, since, apparently, the Puerto Rican ragman allegedly cheated on Karol G with this 20-year-old girl. A few months ago the new couple got married and there was even a rumor that she was pregnant, but this was completely denied. However, they would be going through a crisis and although it is not known if they are together or not, the Dominican launched a strong clue on her social networks: “Anyone who mentions my name in gossip and lies, I have my lawyer ready for what I say”.

On the other hand, through his Instagram account where he has more than five and a half million followers, Yailin, the most viral raised the temperature on this social network by sharing a story where we see her wearing a tight minidress and from inside a vehicle. Although it was deleted after a few hours, it was enough to win over all of its fans.

With this mini dress, Yailin fell in love with everyone. Source Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

Beyond showing off her body, the ex-wife of Annual AA, was characterized by its different changes of look, going from short and dark hair, to longer and colored hair. Same, yailincame to be compared to Karol G when she decided to leave her blue hair behind for the red that characterizes her today.

Yailin, Anuel’s wife with another look. Source Instagram @yailinlamasviralreal

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