Wall Street closes higher on possible ‘red wave’ in US election

Wall Street closes higher on possible 'red wave' in US election

On the New York Stock Exchange, they reported an increase in the Dow Jones, with an increase of 1.02%, in the whole 33,000,160.83, followed by the S&P 500, which posted a gain of 0.56%, within 3,000,828.11 points. and the Nasdaq advanced 0.49% to a level of 10,000,616.20 units.

The above followed a forecast of a possible red wave in the midterm elections in the United States, that is, the one that the Republican Party, one of the two largest political parties in the United States, has gained ground in elections; It should be mentioned that the Republican Party is shown in red and is the right-wing or conservative party in the country.

“Investors are buying ahead of what they believe will be a hard Republican sweep of both chambers and the news from FTX is also marginally positive for overall risk sentiment,” said Zachary Hill, head of portfolio management at Horizon. Investments at Bloomberg.

On the other hand, the country’s two stock exchanges also ended with green figures in terms of profits, the S&P/BMV IPC of the Mexican Stock Exchange obtained 50,000,888.47 whole numbers, with 0.25% more and the FTSE-BIVA of the Valores Institutional Stock Exchange returned 163.98 points.

However, they also reported an impact on the crypto asset market, as they announced that Binance had a tentative deal to buy FTX, in a bid to tackle the liquidity crunch.

In this sense, among the most affected assets are the FTX token with a drop of 79.11%, Solana with 25.69% less, Dogecoin 24.60% and Bitcoin down 11.71%.

Finally, in the international oil market, they reported declines, with 2.81% less for West Texas Intermediate, which worked at $89.20 a barrel, while the benchmark Brent, from the sea of ​​the Nord fell 2.41% to $95.57 apiece.

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