VIDEO: Noelia defies censorship on Instagram with a risque micro skirt

VIDEO: Noelia defies censorship on Instagram with a risque micro skirt

Noelia is unstoppable and continues to seduce his fans with his looks to invite them to join his account only fans. For a few days the singer challenged censorship on Instagram to send a message to his millions of followers and has been seen in the most risk outfits, such as the fitted bodysuit and micro skirt in a lavender tone with which she left more than one breathless and showed off her curves.

The Puerto Rican imposed a style with her revealing looks such as very short and fitted clothes and with transparentwhich led her to challenge the restrictions on digital platforms, one of the reasons why her account on the social network “la camarita” was suspended a few months ago, which she recovered to show herself again sensual and provocative, confirming that he is not afraid of censorship.

Noelia conquers in a micro skirt

The famous 43-year-old singer is among the artists who have launched other businesses, and a few months ago she launched herself into the world of technology with her own social network, celebratewith which she seeks to compete with the exclusive content that has made so many followers, a platform of which she is also a member and on which she has recently returned to pamper her fans and show off her curvaceous figure.

This is how Noelia invites her OnlyFans. Photo: IG @noeliaofficial

“Use the link in my profile. Today there is a special price,” he wrote. Noelia in the publication of instagram which caused an impact among her fans, because even though she did not allow them to leave messages, it can be seen that she received a lot of hearts from her loyal admirers, who never miss the opportunity to shower her with compliments with nice words or hundreds of emojis.

In the images that the businesswoman also posted on the platform, in which she has 3.1 million followers, she can be seen wearing a seductive look in which she combines a tight body full of diamonds and a pronounced neckline, with a micro skirt of lavender color that sometimes rose and allowed the performer to shine more, without worrying about this detail, because she is undoubtedly one of the artists who defy censorship.

Thus, the interpreter of songs like “Tú” and “Te Amo” shows that when it comes to daring outfits, she knows how to do it, since she showed off the little skirt, with which she highlighted her curvaceous figure and gave fashion lessons. for the more daring, in addition, it was the ideal outfit for the beautiful artist to invite her millions of admirers to follow her on only fanswhere she is already one of the spoiled ones.

The singer dazzles with her beauty and charms. Photo: IG @noeliaofficial

Noelia Lorenzo Monge, the singer’s real name, is from Puerto Rico. He began his musical career in the late 90s, gaining great fame with songs like the classic “Candela”. At present, she is a successful businesswoman in various fields as she is not only dedicated to the music industry, as she has ventured into the world of apps, selling luxury cars and cabarets.


From the back, Noelia shoots on the net in tight black micro shorts

Noelia seduces in the networks with impressive mini shorts and a blouse with transparencies

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