The UNRELEASED details of Marc Anthony’s secret WEDDING to Nadia Ferreira in Miami

The UNRELEASED details of Marc Anthony's secret WEDDING to Nadia Ferreira in Miami

In recent days, the relationship between Mark Anthony Yes Nadia Ferreira She gave a lot to talk about, as a rumor swirled that the model was pregnant. However, it was recently announced that the wedding will take place until next Saturday, January 28, however, sources revealed that this ceremony took place on January 21 at a museum in Miamibecause the two celebrities had a wedding secret some of which have already been shared details unpublished from this link.

He was in the program Sit down who can!, where they gave the exclusivity that To mark Anthony Yes Nadia Ferreira they would marry this Saturday January 21 in a secret wedding at Miami. According to the presenter, Lucho Borrego, the couple would have this ceremony at the Pérez Art Museum in this city of Florida, the driver revealed that this information was shared by one of the guests at the affair between the singer and the model.

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