The worrying shortage of medical teachers jeopardizes the current training in the faculties. This was revealed by the Forum of the medical profession, during its meeting on Wednesday.

Given the continuing message about the shortage of doctors, the Forum organizations want to warn that the focus is in the wrong place. And that’s it, it is inefficient to increase the supply of training for the medical degree if you do not have professors enough medicine. All this added to the creation of new faculties not justified by academic or health criteria.

At the same meeting, it was also asked the establishment of a system similar to the MIR, of a single district for the whole geography, for access to vacant medical posts in the faculties. However, in some centres, not all available places are filled. Thus, they consider it essential to improve the entire training process, adapting the places available for the degree to the supply of resources. In this sense, it is essential to encourage and recognize the work of tutors as a key element in promoting and improving specialized health training.

A deficit of 3,800 medical professors

In this sense, last January, the Forum echoed the reports of the National Conference of Deans of the Faculties of Medicine (CNDFM). They pointed out that there was a deficit of 3,800 medical teachers for the teaching of the 44 diplomas taught at the national level. In this way, it would be necessary to incorporate 410 teachers in each course. However, the number of those who are accredited does not reach one hundred. In addition, an increasing presence of non-medical teaching staff in the medical degree has been confirmed.

Finally, the Forum organizations expressed their support for the CESM’s request for Sector meetings. In these, the modification of the framework statute is negotiated, in which the union demands specific regulations for the doctor and medical personnel.