The pandemic has revived traditional medicine

The pandemic has revived traditional medicine

The pandemic generated by Covid-19 has revived the original medicine in the region of Otomí-Tepehua, as a means of healing in a holistic way, where herbs are one more element of the vision of the world, as stated by the representative of traditional medicine in the region. , Juan Vargas Martinez.

He pointed out that about 75% of the population resorts to alternative remedies to treat the virus, especially in indigenous communities that lack access to basic health services.

He pointed out that this practice takes a more holistic view, striving to restore a person’s healthy relationship, as well as diagnose and prevent illness.

He pointed out that some of the advantages of this discipline are that it is within the reach of patients’ pockets, it has no side effects and it also generates positive effects on an emotional level.

He explained that people have two types of illnesses, one of them is mystical, which are those that are not detectable with clinical study, “like lovesickness, bad luck, harmony in home, in short”, They also treat common ailments like colitis, gastritis, multiple sclerosis and others.

He shared that ailments are treated with herbs with healing properties, massages, temazcales, mushrooms, powders, teas, ointments, ointments, spiritual cures, “all things alternative medicine.”

“For most of the care we offer, there is no guideline, since each traditional doctor treats discomfort according to his means and possibilities, his knowledge and his ancestral knowledge,” he explained.

He argued that traditional healers have spiritual gifts that are passed down through lineage, inheritance, dreams and regretted that many people call them wizards, eccentrics and lunatics because they apply healing procedures that not everyone uses.

He added that in four municipalities in the Otomí-Tepehua region, a call has been made for them to participate in training related to obstetrics, hospital care, first aid and symptoms.

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“The importance is to ratify and formalize the trade of traditional medicine, that is, they can be qualified and trained, as well as approved by health institutions, to give certainty to people who assist in ancestral healing processes,” he shared.

Finally, he assured that more and more remedies are gaining strength thanks to the fact that they have been trained and certified, but also because people have lost their “faith” in allopathic medicine.

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