Solve the Viral Test of “Soldier, Poet, or King” and Find Out What Your Personality Looks Like

Solve the Viral Test of "Soldier, Poet, or King" and Find Out What Your Personality Looks Like

Get out a pen and paper and have your mobile device handy so you can do this. One of the newest viruses in the world is the test which became popular in ICT Tac called “Soldier, Poet or King”. What does it talk about test? In this note we will tell you about this new challenge that has a large number of reproductions on this platform and we will also tell you what each of the results that can come out means after doing it.

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What is the “Soldier, Poet or King” quiz on TikTok?

The popular test called “Soldier, Poet or King” has gone viral in recent days on the TikTok platform. This is a personality test, where users have to answer a short quiz of 20 questions, the result of which will tell you if you have the personality and mentality of a soldier, a poet or a king. . This test was inspired by the song “Soldier, Poet, King” by the band Oh Hellos.


How to solve the virus test “Soldier, Poet or King”?

All you have to do is place your name on the platform and then you have to solve the 20 question quiz. All revolve around what your decisions or opinions on a reign would be. Once you complete the entire quiz, by answering the multiple choice questions, you will get your results and they will tell you if you are a king, a poet or a soldier. Please note that all questions are in English, so you may need a translator on hand in case you are not 100% fluent in the language.

What do the results of the “Soldier, Poet or King” test mean?

  • If the result indicates that you are king: it means that you are a being bound by duty and honor, who has a load of power and responsibility on your shoulders and who can bear it in a great way.
  • If the result indicates that you are a poet: he is the complete opposite of the king. You are an individualistic and solitary being, an artistic subject who has more power than you can really imagine.
  • If the result indicates that you are a soldier: soldiers do it for glory. They tend to highlight their conditions of physical strength, they always run the risk of surpassing themselves in the pursuit of their goals.

What is a personality test?

A personality test helps to identify the ranges of the individual’s personality such as the abilities, performance, and performance of the assessee in a certain scenario.


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