Science attributes ten million to personalized medicine projects

Ciencia adjudica diez millones a proyectos de Medicina personalizada

The Ministry of Science allocates 10 million euros to 34 R+D+I projects related to personalized medicine and advanced therapies.

The Ministry of Science and Innovation, through the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), published this Tuesday the final resolution by which 10 million euros are allocated to 34 R+D+I projects related to personalized medicine and advanced therapies.

This investment is part of joint action between ISCIII and the Center for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI), which can grant up to a total of 55 million euros (up to 30 million in the form of loans and 25 million in the form of grants) to finance collaborative R&D&I projects in health, thanks to European funds from the Recovery, transformation and resilience plan. For its part, the CDTI plans to settle the granting of its partially reimbursable aid for this joint action in the coming weeks.

Honorable Minister of Science and Innovation, Diane Morantpointed out that this joint action, which is part of the Vanguard Health Perte, aims to merge collaborative work between research centers and companies so that knowledge reaches the fabric of companies and thus completes the virtuous circle between science and industry.

Concretely, the action finances projects between companies, research centers and organizations in the field of the National Health System for faster progress in the development of clinical diagnostic products for personalized medicine and emerging strategic medicines.

As well guide the efforts of research and innovation staffin the field of public-private collaborationtowards challenges such as earlier and more accurate diagnosesinnovative and personalized treatments and improvements in the monitoring and rehabilitation of chronic diseases.

Projects funded by ISCIII

ISC III granted aid projects on artificial intelligence in radiological diagnosis, preclinical development and evolution of antibodies for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer, rehabilitation of patients with gait disorders, gene therapy for rare diseases, generation of CAR-T cells to treat solid tumors and preclinical validation of nanoparticles with biomolecules for advanced colon canceramong other biomedical and health R&D&I initiatives.

With the publication of this resolution, the ISCIII closes the Strategic Action in Health (AES) 2022, the main annual tool for funding biomedical and health research in Spain.

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