Ochoa says no to Tigers, the only club he’d play for if he didn’t sign with America

Ochoa says no to Tigers, the only club he'd play for if he didn't sign with America

If not America, the only club that Guillermo Ochoa would agree to play
If not America, the only club that Guillermo Ochoa would agree to play

Neither Tigres nor Monterrey could convince Guillaume Ochoa to wear their respective shirts, because Paco Memo was adamant in an interview for TUDN that is not seen in another Mexican team that is not the team of America.

In this direction, Guillaume Ochoa It is clear that he would only negotiate with América, but there is a club in the Liga MX which has the possibility that Paco Memo slips into his shirt. This is all of the red and black of the Atlas team to which the vast majority of the Ochoa Magaña family goes.

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From an early age, Guillermo Ochoa loved Atlas and in an interview with TUDN he assured that since birth he was already resigned to being against the Chivassince Atlas and America These are the two classics that the Sacred Flock disputes. If America does not convince Guillermo Ochoa, Alejandro Irarragorri with billetazos could do it and take him to the Jalisco team.

How much does Guillermo Ochoa ask to reconnect with America?

The Mexican Guardian Guillaume Ochoa He would ask for a multi-year contract of 3 years and a salary similar to the one he maintains so far in North America. $4.5 million a figure that the americanist directive analyzes, given that Ochoa is 37 years old and if he signs the contract he is asking for, he would reach 40 years with the azulcrema team.

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