Not only the Red Bull box in Brazil “burned”: Leclerc, furious with Ferrari

Not only the Red Bull box in Brazil "burned": Leclerc, furious with Ferrari

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The Monegasque found himself very angry with Ferrari for not swapping positions with Sainz: “I need the points…mamma mia, come on, turn off the radio”

The Madrid native, who took the podium ahead of his teammate, fourth at the end, assured that “no one asked me to change position”

It seemed there was nothing more at stake in the 2022 World Cup, with Max Verstappen already crowned champion and Red Bull winning the team title. But last Sunday in Brazil it became clear that there are intense battles continuing to unfold on the Formula 1 grid, and the main one, the pulse for second place between Sergio Pérez (Red Bull) and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) , tied to points. The Mexican found himself very angry with his teammate Verstappen, who refused to give him sixth position with a “mysterious” message: “Don’t ask me again, I have my reasons”, launched the Dutchman on the radio . Checo regretted his attitude: “He showed what he really is, he has two World Cups thanks to me.” The “fire” of Red Bull, the capital, eclipsed the Leclerc’s anger against Ferrari for the same situation.

The Scuderia have denied Leclerc the possibility of Carlos Sainz letting him pass him. Moreover, the team did not even offer such an option to the Madrid rider, who took the podium ahead of his teammate, fourth at the finish in Interlagos, and after the race he assured that “no one from the l team asked me to trade positions with Charles.”

The situation infuriated Leclerc as revealed by Brazilian radio: “Think about the championship if it ends like this. Please think about the championship, I need points,” said the Monegasque. “We think it’s too risky,” they replied from the wall. After the race, they tried to cheer him up: “Great job. P4, great job.” This annoys Leclerc even more: “Yes, great… Mom mia. Come on… turn off the radio,” he concluded.

Ferrari has not only Charles Leclerc are still fighting for something important with just one race left for the conclusion of the championship, but at team level they also still have things to say, since Mercedes have come close in recent races and are discussing the constructors’ world runner-up.

the team leaderMattia Binottojustified the decision: “Interchanging the two cars on the final stretch was certainly difficult, because Charles had Fernando and Max right behind him. So, without a doubt, it would have been difficult and, in a way, dangerous. But , in addition, we knew that we were under investigation with Carlos, because of what had happened behind the safety car with Tsunoda, Race Control had given us the green light at that time, so we were rather comfortable, but without having a conclusion on it, it would have been risky, “Because a penalty of five seconds, for example, would mean that Carlos would then have lost more than one position. So for the Constructors’ Championship, it was definitely better to stick to track positions and differences.”

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