Kate Middleton wears the dressy coat that’s best for Christmas again

Kate Middleton wears the dressy coat that's best for Christmas again

Kate Middleton attended (for the first time since being appointed The Princess of Wales by his stepfather, the current English monarch Charles III) at the traditional church service that the British Royal Family attends every Christmas in the Church of Santa Maria Magdalena in Sandringham, in the county of Norfolk. This is one of the most important appointments on the annual agenda of the House of Windsor and the Kate Middleton’s style record, which usually leaves some great (and hugely inspiring) winter looks on the way to mass. And speaking of traditions, the wife of the Prince Guillermo He addressed three of his recurring style weaknesses: repeating the garment as an enduring gesture; combine the best of two worlds with a hybrid garment that she wears like no one else, the coat dress; and a British DNA firm to which he has been entrusted since his wedding day, alexander mcqueen.

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