How to know if a site is open with Google Maps

You will no longer go to a site and you will have it closed thanks to Maps.

How to know if a site is open with Google Maps
Google Maps can tell us if a site we want to go to is open or not

Google Maps is many’s favorite mapping app for a multitude of reasons. One of them is that it allows us to quickly check if the establishments are open.

Thanks to this application, completely free for Android, we can search for establishments and find out their opening hours, as well as if they are open in real time. If you don’t know how to check it, take a look because it will take you 2 minutes.

How to filter by open establishments on Google Maps

Google Maps automatically tells us if a business is open or closed. For example, if you need a pharmacy, just open Google, search for “pharmacy” and on the map mark the option “Open Now”. In this way, open pharmacies appear, a very useful option to avoid reaching the site and finding it closed.

Although I directly use the Google search engine since I’m still on the computer, you can also do this from the Maps app for Android. All you have to do is open it, search for the store or type of establishment you are looking for and check the “open now” box. By clicking on it, you will only see the stores that are open at the moment.

Also, if you give “more filters” you can change the “open now” to a custom one. This is useful if you plan to go there at another time and want to know if it is also open at that time.

know if a site is open maps

Click on “Open now” to filter by open establishments

Go directly to an open location in Google Maps

In case you are directly on the street or driving to the site, what you can do is Put the name in Google Maps and press start route. If the store is open, it will take you directly, but if it’s closed or you’re short on time, this voicemail will skip: “it is possible that (the store) will be closed when you arrive“. You will also see the time directly on the mobile, in case you have muted the sound.

If the store is about to close and you arrive a little cramped, first check how many people are in the place. Using this Maps feature, you can get an idea of ​​who may be in the store at that particular time, because it’s not rush hour and you have time to go shopping. Plus, learning how to use Google Maps to avoid freeway traffic will help you get there before closing time.

This option is ideal, especially if you are driving, as it notifies you via audio of what matters to you, i.e. if it will be open when you arrive.

How to find the opening hours of an establishment in Google Maps

Another way to find out if a site is open is to open Google Maps, search for it, and then look at his schedule. It’s quick and easy.

What if the store does not have published hours? In this case, it is best to call.

see opening hours maps

You can see the opening hours of a store on Google Maps

How to find the phone of a place in Google Maps

Although the previous method to know if a site is open on Google Maps works very well, it can happen that the times are not published on the Google tab or, what is worse, that is not up to date. This is especially common on holidays, as stores (especially small ones) tend to close on that day and don’t update hours manually in Google Business.

For this reason, the best way to know if it is open is to call by phone. If they do not answer you, the responsible person may be busy or the store may be closed, but by simply clicking on the “call” button, you can contact the store and thus remove any doubts. This is something very useful, especially on holidays, because you can always call the day before and ask.

Bonus Track: Look on the Web or the Yellow Pages

In the event that the company does not show timetable information on Google Maps and does not have the option to call by phone, all is not lost, because you can check whether it has a site web and see if she puts it there.

There are companies that do not have a website, but be careful, because many are registered with the directory of When searching on Google, it may already appear in the first search results, without having to search for it manually in this directory. From there, you can see their schedule, phone number, and other data.

Although Google Business is great and we use it through Maps to find out if a store is open or its opening hours, not all stores use it as of today. This is why it is also important to explore these avenues.

In the event that none of the means help you, you will have no choice but to go to the store and ask them what their hours are to take them into account for future occasions. In many cases they have posted on the door of the establishment.

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