He charges 100,000 for talking about his divorce and this is how they react in the networks

He charges 100,000 for talking about his divorce and this is how they react in the networks

  • In these times, the benefit of working directly with brands can help them and content creators grow across platforms.

  • The most impactful social networks today are responsible for personalizing their algorithms for each user.

  • the reputation of many influencers has sometimes been affected for developing content considered to be of “low value”.

Nail influencer caused the annoyance of some users who found out how The young woman decided to ask her followers for 100,000 pesos with the intention of telling them the “gossip” about her recent divorce.. Content has been criticized for apparently showing worthless content and charging quite a high amount for it.

influencers and social networks

The influencers have been the new benchmarks in entertainment for several years. And it’s through their work with brands that many have managed to stand out in the industry.

With the explosion of the internet, many of them have started to take advantage of content segmentation to make a name for themselves. It should be noted that, by 2021, more than 4 thousand 260 million of people have used social media worldwide. Similarly, it is estimated that the figure will increase to almost 6 billion in 2027.

The first social network to have achieved the feat of exceeding one billion registered accounts on the market was, which is currently the leader in this branch, Facebook. The Meta network currently has approximately 2.7 billion monthly active usersmaking it the most popular social network in the world.

However, despite managing to generate over $117 million in revenue in 2021, the networks evolution did not stop with the family of Meta Platforms Inc. The content people are looking for today is very different from what they were looking for. for then, and attention and reception capacity is also different. Hence the interest of a new generation for networks like Twitch or TikTok, launched in 2017.

To mention something, for 2021, it led the way in terms of social media app downloads, eventually overtaking social media giants Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Snap Inc.

And it is that, that this type of platforms has excelled in recent years, is proof that the content is constantly changing, as well as the needs of consumers and their relationship with these new “influencers“.

He charges 100,000 for talking about his divorce and this is how they react in the networks

It is through her personal account that a young influencer shared a video that drew mixed reactions. Indeed, many consider that the content of social media he has become increasingly adept at exposing people’s private lives. And, in fact, much of this content for many is irrelevant.

It should be mentioned, however, that this phenomenon has only been so criticized for the fact that it also generates a lot of conversation on the networks. The video was limited to followers of the influencerhowever, was picked up by an account called ‘Whatthefffake’, which is precisely dedicated to sharing sensitive and questionable content on social media that also generates a lot of conversation and reach.

In the video released on this occasion, a young woman comments that, because many followers have sought to know the reasons for her recent divorce, and on the advice of one of her friends, there would be a “target” of 100 thousand pesos for I could tell what happened.

Here is the video he shared on the networks:

Likewise, the young woman has shared in her stories some of the deposits in her account that her followers have made, causing the annoyance of the followers of the profile. “But the fault is no longer so much influencer but people taking money out of their pockets for their efforts to give to them,” a follower recounts. “And it makes me sad to be paid when they didn’t pay me for a fabric, which cost me time and effort and these people even ask for alms for things of no importance, in short cynicism,” added another.

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