Gerardo Alfaro: It was the sudden death of the host of “La Oreja” and “Con Todo”

Gerardo Alfaro: It was the sudden death of the host of "La Oreja" and "Con Todo"

In October 2007, the entertainment world mourned the sensitive death of entertainment expert, Gerard Alfaroconsidered one of the most popular TV hosts in theaters Television.

At just 34, the Mexico City-born driver lost his life after an intense battle with a serious illness that afflicted him in his final years of life. Despite his poor health, he always showed professionalism by not giving up his place in the programs of broadcasts of the San Ángel television channel.

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The death of Gerardo Alfaro, host of La Oreja and Con Todo

A few years ago, seeking to compete for ratings with “windowing” of Aztec TelevisionTelevisa launched the “La Oreja” and “Con Todo” show programs, which were hosted by great celebrities such as Juan José Origel, Gerardo Alfaro, Flor Rubio and Raquel Garza.

In 2007, in front of the television cameras and with all his companions, Gerardo Alfaro informed the thousands of followers of “La Oreja” that he had unfortunately been diagnosed with lymphatic cancerso that he immediately begins treatment and takes care of his health.

Despite the complications he presented during his battle with cancer, the 34-year-old driver continued his role as an entertainment show host. All the while, her physical appearance has undergone a significant change, receiving all the support from viewers.

In one of the shows, Gerard Alfaro filled all his followers with hope by detailing that some tests had returned positive results, increasing his chances of a satisfactory recovery from his battle with lymphatic cancer which attacked him in May 2007.

Finally, on October 16, 2007, five months after announcing that he had cancer, the entertainment industry experienced one of its saddest episodes after the confirmation of the sensitive death of Gerardo Alfaro, who lost his life following a stroke at the National Cancer Institute in Mexico City.

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