Genomic medicine abandoned by 2023

Genomic medicine abandoned by 2023

The study of an organism’s DNA, that is to say its genome, is essential to detect, prevent and best treat future diseases taking into account the genetic predisposition. It is a task focused on the detection of risks in people in order to apply personalized treatments. Carrying out this research on a large scale would allow the development of public health policies focused on prevention, the reduction of costs associated with health and, above all, the early detection of multiple diseases.

In our country, the National Institute of Genomic Medicine (Inmegen) has had this task since its foundation, in 2004. Among the research carried out by the institute, the genomic study of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (a condition that can lead to the development of liver cancer) stands out, genomic diagnosis of pediatric tumors, the cancer genome, the discovery of new causative genes in patients with multiple birth defects that are difficult to diagnose, and the genetic bases of Parkinson’s disease in the Mexican population. Its work as a national institute should be crucial in providing information to those responsible for managing the health system in Mexico.

In addition to this important role, in the middle of this year it was announced that Inmegen would collaborate with the National Center for Human Identification so that complex analyzes of human remains could be carried out in its facilities and with an innovative infrastructure, in order to to identify the more than 50,000 bodies that exist today in Mexico without their identity being specified. It should be remembered that the majority of analyzes of human remains are carried out abroad because in Mexico the conditions to do so do not exist, a situation which complicates and makes more expensive the use of these vital mechanisms to bring certainty to thousands of families. It is therefore good news that this type of study can be carried out in Mexico.

For 2022, Inmegen has achieved an increase in its budget thanks to the more than 178 billion pesos (mdp) that have been granted for infrastructure, equipment and supplies that will allow, among other things, the installation of the laboratory focused on the human identification. . In total, last year they received just over 380 million pesos.

However, in the 2023 Federation expenditure budget, only about 223,000 pesos are allocated, which is 167 million pesos less than in 2022. This is because resources are no longer allocated to infrastructure, equipment or supplies, and while it is understood that the investment in the laboratories necessary for human identification has been made during this year, it is not explained why resources are not allocated to their operation during 2023, this which puts him in danger for the exercise of his new function.

In the other budget items, existing to carry out the basic functions of the Institute, marginal increases in real terms are observed: civil service activities (+0.79%), administrative support activities (+0.94%) , education and training of human resources (+ 1.24) and for research and technological development in health (+ 1.13%). In a few words, and without taking into account the budget allocated last year for infrastructures, Inmegen will have an increase of 1% even if it has additional tasks to those already fundamental that it must carry out.

Inmegen’s work is now essential in two ways: first, to generate evidence that enables decision-makers to implement better health care strategies and, second, now to alleviate the pain of thousands of members of the family who are unsure of the fate of their loved ones, who are missing. Therefore, there is a need to provide Inmegen with more resources that allow its work to contribute to strengthening not only the health system, but also the transitional justice system that allows the truth to be known and the damage caused to be repaired. Otherwise, good intentions cannot be translated into actions that have a real impact on collective well-being.


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