Estrada and Morales, the keys that unlock the arrival of Radamel Falcao

Estrada and Morales, the keys that unlock the arrival of Radamel Falcao

In almost 17 years of experience in professional football, the Colombian Radamel Falcao has played in the leagues of Argentina, Portugal, England, France, Turkey and Spain, in addition to his native country; scored teams like River Plate, Porto, Atlético de Madrid, Manchester UnitedMonaco, Galatasaray and now he has decided to put on the shirt of the Vallecano Raysince 2021.

However, the national team with the senior team since 2014 believes it is time to try their luck in Mexico, via the MX League and he picked Cruz Azul as his potential next club; however, some reports have been generated on how the talks – not the negotiations – took place.

The player and the board exchange messages, but not directly, but through one of the footballer’s representatives, who has repeatedly expressed his desire to facilitate a possible transfer a The machine, being open to economic negotiation. We insist, it has always been through their representatives. Never directly.

However, in order for the talks to speed up before the next transfer deadline – February 1 – Cruz Azul must first solve a problem: does not have a free place for foreigners because it currently has ten registered foreign elements. Therefore, he should place the Ecuadorian michel estrada or chilean Ivan Morales in another establishment.

In the case of roadthe footballer was nothing return to Tolucabut unexpectedly the directive of the Red Devils of Toluca stopped trading already sung; then the door opened cougarswho, despite expressing interest in the player’s qualities, eventually did not exercise the possibility to obtain their services.

Who is Radamel Falcao?

Radamel Falcao Garcia He was born on February 10, 1986 in Santa Marta, into a family of footballers. His father, king radamel garcia He was a high-profile defender who played football in Colombia and Venezuela, and his mother is Juana Carmenza Zarategraduated from the university’s economics program Jorge tadeo lozano university. The first name of the current gunner was given in honor of his father, and the second in tribute to a Brazilian midfielder, who at that time aroused the admiration of the whole family.

His debut as a player took place in River Plate on May 29, 2005. The Tiger He played his first game with the shirt of the Argentine club managed by Leonardo Astrada at the time, and he did it in a duel against Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata.

The Port It would be the Colombian striker’s new home where he started playing championships and bigger games. On August 16, 2009, the love of The Tiger with the networks on the European continent, scoring his first score and the team that would suffer was Pacos Ferreira. On this occasion, the Colombian failed to lift the league title, but he left his name written in the statistics with a large number of goals: 34 in 42 games.

The signing of Radamel Falcao with him Madrid athlete, became the most expensive from a club in Portugal. With the Spanish team The Tiger He continued to fulfill dreams, as few Colombians had the opportunity to score against Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but that wouldn’t be the only thing he achieved with the colchoneros.

The Tiger is undoubtedly one of the colombia players icons after crossing Europe and contributing to the coffee team. Today, Radamel Falcao Garcia He is the Colombian national team’s top scorer with 36 goals in 101 games.

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