Elden Ring plays another league, Sony comes out very strengthened and a missing Microsoft

Elden Ring plays another league, Sony comes out very strengthened and a missing Microsoft

Prices fell one after another on God of War Ragnarok, remembering like a hammer the impact of one of the best PlayStation factory games of recent years. Some expected and deserved (better performance, better audio design, better adventure), others more than achievable (better narrative, greater accessibility) and others more questionable, like the best soundtrack (not because it doesn’t is not excellent, but because rivals they were aupa). The god of war left nothing to anyone, and that’s normal. It’s a brilliant game, which could be GOTY almost any year. But not one with Elden Ring in it.

The triumph of the latest From Software game in the two most important categories, GOTY and best directionhas served to highlight in the world of video games the impact that miyazaki and his team over the past decade with his Souls formula. A game that, worth the redundancy, plays another league and which neither the distance of its launch nor the enormous spectacle that Ragnarök supposes could stop it. This is the second GOTY for From Software, the only company to achieve it so far in this The Game Awards format.

In an industry that is increasingly embracing fireworks, showcasing Elden Ring in particular and From Software in general is more necessary than ever.

We’ve already written and spoken extensively (non-From Software fans will say too much) about the benefits of Ring of Elden. About this gigantic world, this amount of relevant content present at every step we take. The title took the best RPG and the best art direction. A poker prize for a way of approaching video games which should continue to be valued in the time of fireworks.

It was a triumph that was particularly relevant to how the gala went. Beyond prices, the presence of sony it was constant and very measured. Its logo was present in major announcements, such as Death Stranding 2, the DLC Horizon Forbidden West or Final Fantasy XVI, reinforce the brand and a powerful domain message in prizes and in upcoming games. the people know what PlayStation has done and what it will give you. And this contrasted sharply with a totally knocked out Microsoftwith Phil Spencer on stage, saddened by the FTC’s (non-definitive) setback to the takeover of Activision Blizzard.

Sony dominated the scene and the message: what’s been done and what’s to come; Microsoft was missing and Nintendo was able to leave satisfied

It was Spencer himself who admitted that things haven’t been good in exclusives in 2022, and that has to change in 2023. From this next year, we know their Next Gen games are going up in price. . But there was no place to see Redfall, or Starfield or Forza Motorsport. Let’s not talk about the duds (Hellblade 2 is the bloodiest). They can be given the most impactful award for As Dusk Falls, and we can still say that the game of the year and one of the best of all time is on their platform, of course. But what happened yesterday was neither encouraging nor good news for its users. In the end, these are the games that will give and take reasons, and there are several on the way in the next 12 months, but with the TGA Xbox shuts down a year to forget.

More surprises and better pace

The gala left us with pleasant surprises, ranging from Hades 2 to the new Ken Levine, passing by a new armored core from From Software, the expansion of Cyberpunk 2077, the impressive trailer of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and a jaw-dropping Diablo IV cinematic. Well in the announcements, without leaking some of the most important, and with a prize distribution that left nintendo satisfied (Bayonetta 3 for Best Action Game, Kirby for Best Family Game, Splatoon 3 for Best Multiplayer, and Ubisoft’s Mario+Rabbids for Best Strategy Game) and Stray’s exaggerated role in the indie universe . Along with Sifu, Tunic, Neon White, Norco and a few others, the cat got more exposure than it surely deserved.

Geoff promised a slightly shorter event and it was like that, but it also fed it with good content despite the fact that the time between three and four in the morning (in Spain) was once again a slowdown of everything. But we can say that in general, it was one of the best The Game Awards that we remember, even if there are still things to optimize.

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