Do you eat healthy? Junk food causes deadly diseases

Do you eat healthy?  Junk food causes deadly diseases

Córdoba, Ver.- The epidemic of obesity It is the cause of multiple diseases which include not only diabetes but also others such as hypertension, cardiac events and cancer. explains Dr. Ivan Gorostieta.

Cancers that occur as a result of obesity include colon cancer and prostate cancer which is the number one in mortality among men, a cancer of great rapidity and without apparent symptoms at the onset of the disease.

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This tumor kills so many people because it is very silent, when you already have bleeding, pain and difficulty urinating, it is because it is very advanced. Prostate cancer is closely linked to lack of exercise and obesity, it is very aggressive“said the doctor.

foods like the tortilla, the bread, the tamales and atoles the desserts are part of what Mexicans consume daily and these are foods that do not help nourish the body, they only increase obesity.

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“We have bread tattooed on our souls, as usual to have coffee or atole for breakfast with one or two loaves, however it is not food, It is made from flour, butter and sugar, it is a high calorie product, it does not contain a single vitamin, mineral, protein, folic acid, iron or anything else, nothing else don’t fill you up, don’t fill you up and make you hungry“, explains the specialist.

Similarly, pasta such as spaghetti, rice and other cereals These are flours that, although they are cheap, lack many nutrients that do not help nutrition and increase obesity.

Why is it important to pay attention to your diet on these end-of-year dates?

That’s why on these December holidays It is important to take into account the intake of flour and pasta to avoid obesity problems which ultimately affects the functioning of the body.

“Obesity will end up slowing down the defences, there is a circulatory failure in all the systems because if the liver is fatty it will fail in all its functions and you are no longer as protected and the presence of cancer will be more frequent. if you are obese” it says.

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Dr. Ivan Gorostieta adds that exercise is the fundamental part for all the metabolic benefits to be activated in the body, exercise is the cornerstone of health, so the recommendation of the doctor with over 22 years of experience is “Eat as healthy as possible, avoid street and processed foods, perform at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes, and stick to your ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) weight.

Originally posted on El Sol de Córdoba

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