Chainsaw Man: Someone turned Pochita into a little waifu – Kudasai

Chainsaw Man: Someone turned Pochita into a little waifu - Kudasai

The artist”木棉棉OwO” has recently become a trend on the social network Weibo after sharing a special video altering the adorable character Pochita franchise chainsaw man, turning him into a little girl. Your edit doesn’t include animation, so it’s just multiple panels edited with the new template.

The series has been broadcast since October 11 in Japan and is confirmed with a total of twelve episodes, while the platform Crunchyroll ensures its distribution in the West. On the other hand, Fujimoto has started publishing the manga chainsaw man in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from the editor Shueisha in December 2018, finishing the first part in December 2020. The second part of the work moved to the digital service Shōnen Jump Pluswhere it has been published since July 2022.

Synopsis of Chainsaw Man

The story takes place in a world where demons threaten the peace of humans, making them targets to be eliminated. Denji is a depressed young man who has sold many of his organs and works as a lumberjack and demon hunter to pay off his late father’s debt. Denji owns a dog (who is also a demon) named Pochita, who has chainsaws and uses them to do his job.

This is because humans can make contracts with demons. Returning from a job, Denji is called by a Yakuza to infiltrate a building and assassinate another demon. However, the plan was a trap to kill him as part of a Yakuza contract with the demon, giving them more power. But Pochita comes to Denji’s aid and bonds with him, becoming half-man, half-demon and acquiring Pochita’s chainsaws.

Character font: Weibo


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