Cecotec lowers the most sought after low consumption electric heater

Cecotec rebaja el radiador eléctrico de bajo consumo más deseado

The Winter It hasn’t arrived yet, but the temperatures of the past few days are already warning that it won’t take long to do so. Everything seems to indicate that this year winter is coming rawer than ever, not only because of the direct effects of climate change but also because of the price of fuel used for heating or, directly, of electricity if you use electric systems. But don’t worry, don’t get overwhelmed or start crunching numbers because you still have time to get down to business trying. minimize your bill.

And to do this, nothing better than to acquire low consumption heaters such as those sold in cecotec. There are a multitude of options, each one better, and now is the right time to acquire one, since in the Valencian company they have advanced the black friday in a good number of products, reaching discounts, in some cases, Up to 40% their usual prices. In the case of low consumption electric radiators, there is one that we recommend for its multiple qualities and its price. With the discount, it does not reach 100 euros.

Ready Warm 6670 Crystal Connection with Wifi, the low consumption radiator sweeping Cecotec

It is one of the low consumption electric heaters most requested in recent months, the Ready Warm 6670 Crystal Connection with Wi-Fi, Without a doubt, one of the most complete and modern radiators that allows you to control the power and save energy. This device heats your home in a very simple way, since it has a Smart Control technology It has an LED display and a touch panel for its control.

Low consumption electric radiator Ready Warm 6670 Crystal Connection With Wifi cecotec placed in the living room

It has a glass convector with Heating power 1000 Wwith FlashWarm technology designed to warm rooms up to 10 square meters quickly and efficiently. This high quality aluminum heater comes complete with overheating protectionso that if it overheats, it automatically shuts down to prevent damage to both the heater itself and the part.

You can easily adjust the thermostat with the power levels: Eco Mode (500 W) and Max. (1000 W) and therefore the energy consumption is optimized. The electric heater is modern, elegant and light, with a tempered glass design and clean lines. For this reason, it offers a pleasant atmosphere with maximum silence and comfort. This system has a remote control system via Wifi with which you can easily control the operation from your Smartphone via the “Your Smart” APP, as if it were a remote control.

Ready warm 6670 Crystal Connection low consumption electric radiator with Wifi cecotec front view

It is suitable for bathrooms thanks to its IP24 splash protection. and presents a child safety system which is activated by keeping the button pressed for a few seconds. It also has an elegant design, in black, which looks great in any home, whatever its style and decoration and, above all, it will protect you from the cold during the winter. Also, your tOnlySilence Technology allows you to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with maximum silence and comfort.

The most modern radiator includes legs and stand for wall so you can install it anywhere in your home you want. Moreover, and thanks to its easygo system, it is very easy to transport according to your needs, thanks to its light weight of 5.1 kg. If you want it, you’re in luck, because these days you have this radiator at a cheaper price. If before it cost 109.90 euros, you can buy it now at Cecotech’s website for only €95.90because it has a 13% discount.

Low Consumption Electric Heater Ready Hot 6670 Crystal Connection With Wifi cecotec

Smart thermostats, the best option for this winter

The Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE) It’s clear: for each degree of temperature that the heating is raised, consumption increases between 6 and 8%. In recent months, electricity has reached historic highs, with the price of gas being one of the main culprits, and it seems that it is not going to improve, quite the contrary. Consequently, to control our heating consumption, it is essential to start from a good insulationmove in comfort temperatures in line with current weather – around 20 or 21 degrees- and to optimise its maximum performance.

Los termostatos “de los de toda la vida” require that haya alguien en la vivienda para encender la calefacción, lo que no siempre es práctico, pues, si llegas tarde y la enciendes, para cuando comienzas a disfrutar del calor, ya es momento de Go to bed. This does not happen with programmable thermostats. With these devices, you can set your boiler to run at certain times, so you can come home and find it toasty warm.

smart home thermostat

Today, the most customizable solution for your heating is a connected smart thermostat, which will allow you to control consumption and manage the boiler remotely. Of course, before buying it, pay attention to its compatibility with your heating systemto how it is installed and how easy it is – it is essential to pay attention to whether it is connected or wireless – and whether it has extension kits and other accessories to achieve installation more personalized according to your needs.

Also, it is recommended find out what functions it offers and whether they are free or paid: consumption monitoring, statistics, geofencing so that it turns on/off according to our location, and the intuitiveness of its interface should not be neglected. It is also important that, if you have a connected home, you verify that it is connected.Compatible with your ecosystema. By looking at these parameters, you will surely find the perfect connected smart thermostat for your home.

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