The National Academy of Medicine awarded prizes to civil society

The National Academy of Medicine awarded prizes to civil society


Caracas.- Last Thursday, July 28, Dr. Enrique López Loyo handed over the presidency of the National Academy of Medicine (ANM) to Dr. Isis Nezer de Landaeta, swearing in the new authorities of the body, which are: Huniades Urbina as Vice President, Dr. Mario Sorgi Venturoni as Secretary, Dr. Lilia Cruz Rodríguez as Treasurer and Guillermo Colmenares as Librarianreviewed the academy in a statement.

In addition to that, The Academy has awarded various honors to scientists and organizations that have played a key role during the pandemic, such as: Acción Solidaria, health workers and the Civic Forum, through the Centenary Distinction received by doctors José Esparza Bracho, Venezuelan virologist and Héctor Arrechedera, director of SOS Telemedicina UCV, and by Feliciano Reyna, president of the NGO Acción Solidaria, by Pablo Zambrano, Director Secretary of the Federation of Health Workers and by Mariela Ramírez, activist of the Citizen Movement Dale Letra for the Civic Forum.

López Loyo thanked the initiative of the Civic Forum to seek the cooperation of different institutional and political actors to achieve an effective vaccination plan for all Venezuelans, since the National Academy of Medicine was able to integrate the National Technical Table of Vaccination thanks to these organizations.

During the event, in the presence of Cardinal Baltazar Porras, Dr. Enrique López Loyo, outgoing President, recapitulated his management in the difficult context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It should be noted that the spirit of the institution has been renewed by assuming a leading role in the development of the restriction measures by the quarantine decree, summoning valuable Venezuelans to participate in the structuring, advice and to the publication of 46 bulletins with messages aimed at establishing guidelines and application in the bases of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and mitigation of COVID-19 in Venezuela”.

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