This is the millionaire fortune of Jaime Camil

This is the millionaire fortune of Jaime Camil

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Jaime Camil He is one of the most popular actors on Mexican television. Desde su primera oportunidad en “Mi destino eres tu”, al lado de Lucero, hasta “La fea más bella”, “Por ella soy Eva” y la bioserie de Vicente Fernández, el actor ha destacado por su talento tanto en México como en the stranger.

The actor started working in 1993, at the time he was 20, when he got a job as a commentator on Radioactive 98.5, then he got into acting and even made his debut as a singer . Indeed, he has three studio albums: “To be with you”, “Once more” and “Jaime Camil Vol.3”.

But, without a doubt, his acting career led him to fame and success. Today he is also known in Hollywood, with his main characters in the series “Jane the Virgin” and in the series “Broke”.

Jaime Camil He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Heidi Banvanera, whom he married in 2013 and with whom he also formed a beautiful family made up of Elena Camil and Jaime Camil III, who are the only children of the family so far. ‘actor.

According to “Fame” magazine, Jaime Camil He belongs to one of the richest families in Mexico, since his father, Jaime Camil Garza, managed to accumulate a great fortune for his work as a political consultant and his businesses related to the world of entertainment.

The artist, who also has studies in business administration, inherited part of his fortune left by his father when he died unexpectedly in December 2020. However, Camil isHe also grew his wealth through the projects he worked on.

How much is Jaime Camil’s fortune and how did he make it?

According to different portals, it is estimated that the fortune he has Jaime Camil He is over $15 millionamount that has accrued for his acting work.

On one occasion, the salaries of some “gallants of Televisa” were disclosed for their work, such as William Valdes and Eduardo Yáñez who received around $55,000 per month, so it is believed that Jaime Camil received the same amount.

In 2020, it seemed like the actor’s spectacular career was in the doldrums and suddenly he was back on top. “People With Money” reported that Camil is one of the highest earning actors in the business with an incredible $82 million he earned between June 2021 and June 2022.

The actor who currently lives in Los Angeles has also played several characters on television in the United States, one of the best known is “Rogelio de la Vega” in “Jane de Virgin”, although he has also participated in The Loud House, Bojack Horseman and charmed. Moreover, it is he who will interpret Vicente Fernandez in the biographical series prepared by Netflix.

Two thousand peso greetings

Another way Camil earned extra income was sending greetings through the Cameo platform. It turns out that during the pandemic, the famous actor charged about two thousand Mexican pesos to send a personalized greeting.

Although many assured that it was worth it, compared to influencers or content creators who came to charge up to double or even triple for the greetings.

On the platform, he was seen very happy to send greetings from the comfort of his home, so that fans who have passed through this platform can have congratulations or greetings on a special date.

Jaime Camil’s videos usually have five stars as the maximum rating for attention; their video greetings were described as “very attentive” and it also gave the production a boost. Although the two thousand pesos he received generated additional income, the actor assured in his profile that a percentage of his winnings was donated to GlobalGiving, a non-profit organization.

Here we leave you the video clip of the song “Nothing is the same without you” by Jaime Camil:

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