Negro Medina Satisfied His Mother: Playing in America

Negro Medina Satisfied His Mother: Playing in America

Juan Carlos Medinagrateful for football and especially for the institution that gave him the opportunity to Premier Leaguethe Atlasthe truth is that always sweated the yellow and was able to realize this dream of going to train every day in Coapa accurately defend the colors of the America.

Yes Blackas it was called on the plains today retired from footballtold in an interview about a chapter that marked himbut could also lower the menacing birds of the head of the housewho never believed that her boy would be millionaire party.

Even as the former midfielder achieved his goal of to be part of the Americanist disciplinewas able to settle a old debt which he acquired from “morrillo”, as he says.

“I remember once I broke down my mother’s windowI practiced free throws at homeI threw it out of the house in front of my neighbor, because my mom’s garage was like a little square as a goal, I knocked down a window and my mom came out with the belt and wanted to hit me.

“And I said to him, don’t hit me, he The day I play in America, I’ll pay youand she said to me: ‘how are you going to play in americaYou bastard, with this body, you dream of things you can’t reach.

And came to the Nest…

“After making my debut at Atlas, I knew that anything could happen, I was fine, both collectively and individually, and I was surprised that one day I ate, the phone is ringingwe still didn’t have my eldest daughter, it was my wife and me, and they say: ‘good afternoon’, he was the president of americaand I didn’t believe it, I never forget to tell my mother that one day I was going to play in America, and that they talk to you and tell you if you want to belong to the institution, I did not hesitate”.

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