Xiaomi continues in Spain as number 1 but falls by almost 40% in Europe

Xiaomi continues in Spain as number 1 but falls by almost 40% in Europe

Bad data from Xiaomi in Europe, which nevertheless continues in Spain as number 1 in the market ahead of Samsung, second, and Apple, in third position.

Xiaomi continues in Spain as number 1 but falls by almost 40% in Europe

It seems like Xiaomi is doing well in Spain at least as far as mobile sales are concerned, and this is not something new because last February the manufacturer led by Lei Jun managed to rise to number 1 in the Spanish market for the first time smartphones, privileged position that he still occupied in this Q2 of 2022 Just finished.

Xiaomi4Mi colleagues echoed before anyone else, following the trail of a study by Counterpoint Research in which it was definitively confirmed a sharp deterioration in the macroeconomic environment in Europe as well as capital drop in smartphone sales by 11% over one yearnothing less.

Xiaomi is raining money

Although it falls with a crash in Europe, Xiaomi continues to do very well in Spain.

A little after it was Xiaomi Spain that was celebrating the milestone on its official Facebook account with a promotional image, although it is certainly not that Xiaomi can celebrate too much at least as a parent company in Europe, since in the old continent the signing of Haidian has not ceased to deflate noticeably pulled down by a market that continues to fall.

Either way, let’s start with the party It is true that these milestones should be celebrated when they perform, not least because they outperform rivals like Samsung and Apple, second and third in Spain respectively, it is not at all simple:

Xiaomi is number 1 in Spain

Promotional image released by Xiaomi to celebrate its number 1 in Spain.

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By analyzing the mobile market in Europe, the truth is that the figures are not encouraging at all, surely dragged down by huge inflation and uncertainty the continent has been experiencing with geopolitical tensions since Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year. Moreover, we had already accumulated the previous one, with the supply problems, chip crises and blockages in Asia due to coronavirus spikes.

It will not be easy to return to the figures of yesteryear, especially seeing that several quarters of losses have already accumulatedand that in these months of April, May and June, the European smartphone market decrease of 11% over one year of 45 million units sold in Q2 2021 to 40.3 million units of this Q2 2022.

The mobile market in Q2 2022

Mobile sales in Europe in the second quarter of 2022, according to Counterpoint Research.

With Regarding Xiaomi, its fall in Europe is the most pronounced of all manufacturers, registering a -39% over one year with only 7.5 million units shipped, compared to more than 12 million in the same period of the previous year.

OPPO also drops by 26%as well as the rest of the manufacturers outside the ‘Top five’ which represent -11% of the world market, leaving realme which signs the strongest growth, 21%with Apple growing 3% year over year and Samsung a further 9% on the positive side of the coin.

The numbers don’t lie and the graph is very clear, showing that the market is certainly scared and that mobile deliveries have been sharply reduced since reaching their last peak at the end of 2021. We will see if the next bidding campaigns of the black friday and others encourage salesalthough it will take a few months to continue an analysis with more and more numbers painted in red… Bad thing!

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