The son of Ricardo Salinas stars in an advertising campaign and it promotes

The son of Ricardo Salinas stars in an advertising campaign and it promotes

  • The advertising action of the son of Ricardo Salinas in a campaign makes us review the figures of PwC, on the impact that traditional media have on the Mexican public.

  • Weber Shandwick answered questions like what a CEO should and shouldn’t say, realizing how important it is for managers like Ricardo Salinas’ son to follow these recommendations.

  • Hub Entertainment Research confirms that television continues to matter to Mexican audiences.

The son of Ricardo Salinas played in a Bell advertisement and in one of the last actions taken by the businessman, the brand that wins with his mention is Aztec.

Traditional media today play a key role in Mexico. In one study of PwCthe company realized that TV It is the second medium that concentrates the most advertising investment in the country, to which are added $36 billion in 2021while the internet monopolizes more than $49 billion.

It is important that beyond the Internet, traditional media continue to play a key role in advertising investment. This is explained by the second, third and fourth places that television, radio and outdoor advertising occupy respectively in investments in Mexico. Each of these segments with an investment of 36 thousand, 9 thousand Yes five thousand million bucksfollowing the order shown.

Son of Ricardo Salinas in painting

Benjamín Salinas is the vice-president of the board of directors of Grupo Salinas and in an announcement of more than two minutes he celebrates the 29 years that Azteca broadcast on television.

Salinas pointed out in the advertising campaign in which he plays, that Azteca has been the cradle of productions such as survivorLa Voz and La Academia, he explained, continue to attract the channel’s audience, anticipating coverage of the World Cup in Qatar this 2022.

Seeing managers at the forefront of ad campaigns is a resource big brands value Manzana have achieved, by putting their CEO, Tim Cookin publicity pieces to publicize releases such as his chip M1.

The value of managers as the best ambassadors of a brand has even led to the definition of principles such as activism CEOwhere you sign as Weber Shanwick they warned of what they should and should not comment on when taking these actions.

According to study who was driving, 70 percent of Americans agree that talking about the job and skills needed for a talent is positive, while a 67 percent felt they should talk about income equity and a 62 percent about health.

Among the issues that also coincided they should not vote are community rights LGBT+, for a 29 percent; arms control, coincided 26 percent Yes 26 percent he believes that we should avoid talking about refugees.

TV in Mexico

The appearance of Benjamín Salinas in an ad for Azteca, celebrating the channel’s trajectory, as well as the influence that the TV in capturing advertising investment for the country’s media, is part of the ecosystem that has been built in Mexico, where brands’ trust in these channels has driven unique audience habits.

For example, there is a to research What Entertainment Research Center conducted, where he realized that television is the main medium the public turns to when looking to spend their free time. According to research, the 34 percent voted for TV, 16 percent for the game channel and 14 percent for movies.

Faced with these habits, the ability of brands to communicate with the consumer according to their activities and the most important thing is to recognize how valuable the traditional medium is in this exercise.

These habits are confirmed by a to research What tvScientist carried out, in order to identify the most effective types of advertising. The 41 percent voted for social media ads and a 39 percent placed the ad in TV and platforms of diffusion as the most effective.

Traditional media continue to play a key role in advertising patterns. Media negotiation continues to prioritize these channels, given the public’s preference for them. It will be important to know how to have a better impact with the use of these channels.

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