Best Alternatives to Safari for Mac

Best Alternatives to Safari for Mac

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Enter and discover our selection with the best alternatives to Safari that you can install on your Mac.

In today’s digital world, it’s understandable that most users constantly want to improve their web browsing experience. While it is true that most operating systems offer their own web browser, many users seek to obtain better performance with third-party products.

In the case of Mac, Apple’s Safari is the preferred browser of its users. However, there are times when it is appropriate to switch things up, either out of preference or out of necessity. Whatever your reason, we present to you some of the best alternatives to Safari for Mac.

These are the best Safari alternatives you can find

Best Alternatives to Safari for Mac

There are fantastic alternatives to Safari that you can download on your Mac

Nothing better than knowing the best alternatives available before making a decision. So you can choose between sticking with your default Mac browser or trying one of the options in this list. We invite you to discover the best of each of them.

  • Google Chrome
  • MozillaFirefox
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge
  • brave
  • Tor Browser
  • Vivaldi
  • avast

Google Chrome

In a short time, Chrome has grown exponentially and more than any other browser. It is one of the most useful tools you can use, with it, you’ll have access to everything from password vaults to full-text editors, as well as the best extensions on the market.

However, every good has a cost. If you’re using Chrome on a laptop, the browser can consume a good chunk of your battery life with just a few tabs open. Of course, it works very well with web applications, especially those developed by Google, and it is certainly the most famous and popular on this list.


Until recently, it was widely believed to be too slow. This browser has cleaned up its reputation, boosted by updates that have noticeably improved its speed. However, unlike Chrome, Firefox doesn’t have a variety of apps that turn the browser into some sort of operating system.

In Firefox you will find a wide range of extensions which make it a much more powerful application. Also, you can improve your experience by removing old extensions that affect performance.


this is “Grandfather” of web browsers. Although it was never the leading browser, Opera was the first to market with features that are now standard in other browsers, and still has a lot to offer today.

Among its most notable features is a free VPN from Opera which you can add as an extension. It also includes a laptop battery saver feature, making it a great option for your Mac.

Microsoft Edge

Best Alternatives to Safari for Mac

Edge is one of the best Mac alternatives you can find.

The second most used web browser in the world, although it is still far from threatening Chrome’s hegemony. After replacing Internet Explorer, Edge established itself as a popular browser. quite fast and very easy to use.

It offers great accessibility through the Microsoft Edge add-ons store, but also supports Chrome extensions. In addition, it has compatibility functions with PDFs, themes and online tracker blocking.


A browser created by the inventor of JavaScrip and the co-founder of Mozilla with the aim of providing safer and faster web browsing. to promise load pages three to six times faster than Chrome and Firefox.

Another plus point is that does not see or store your browsing data, and will never sell them to a third party. If you need plugins, you’ll be happy to know that Brave can use most Google Chrome extensions.

Tor Browser

This browser is basically Firefox, but with much stricter privacy settings. Here, your history is cleared between sessions, along with the No Script and HTTPS Everywhere plugins. These plugins further increase security.

Tor is a great helper browser. Using it ensures that all your confidential traffic is not tracked while browsing. If you are concerned about your privacy, certainly Tor is for you.


Since its creation, Vivaldi’s vocation has been to be Successor to Opera, reducing everything to a basic browser. However, this does not mean that it is a generic browser or that it does not offer level solutions.

It has built-in support for Google Chrome plugins and has the advantage of giving you an in-depth analysis of your history so that you can have a record of your browsing habits.


Although still in beta phase, this browser is another interesting option for those looking for a browser Chrome style but with improved security and privacy. Avast is a known name for being one of the best antiviruses around.

Today, Avast combines all of these security features to provide good service as a web browser. Synchronization of all your data and settings between devices is also available, with Avast Secure Browser which has an iOS version.

You might not want to completely forget about Safari; after all, it is a tool for Mac users. In this case, you can use one of these alternatives like an additional navigation method that can complement and enhance your web experience.

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