How much does a Coppel employee earn?

How much does a Coppel employee earn?

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When a person is looking for a job, one of the main questions they ask themselves is How much does an employee of this company earn? Well this time we’re gonna reveal a worker’s salary of Mexican society To cut.

This company, born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, has become one of the largest in the country, growing from the sale of clothing and footwear, furniture, appliances and telephones to a bank branch.

The different areas you have To cut in each of its branches and the continuous opening of new stores allows them to open frequently vacant jobsthen he surely has a chance for you.

However, as we mentioned at the beginning, it is always important to know the salary and the different benefits offered by the companies before applying for their vacancies.

How much does a Coppel employee earn?

According to the digital job site, Indeed, the average salary which is offered in To cut It is 6 thousand 357 pesos per month.

As in every company, the salary will depend on the position that the person occupies, so it may be lower or even higher than the one indicated above.

  • Store manager: 17 thousand 711 pesos per month.
  • Seller: 6 thousand 357 pesos per month.
  • Promoter: 6 thousand 641 pesos per month.
  • Floor vendor: 6 thousand 494 pesos per month.
  • Store manager: 19 thousand 980 pesos per month.
  • Storekeeper: 7 thousand 244 pesos per month.
  • Warehouse employee: 6 thousand 437 pesos per month.
  • Inventory checker: 5 thousand 99 pesos per month.
  • Winemaker: 4 thousand 99 pesos per month.
  • Collection supervisor: 6,677 pesos per month.
  • Cashier: 7 thousand 673 pesos per month.
  • Collection manager: 16,524 pesos per month.
  • Home collection manager: 7,000,975 pesos per month.
  • Afore advisor: 5 thousand 324 pesos per month.

According to what has been reported by the workers of the company, in addition to their salary, they offer benefits above those required by law, discounts in different establishments and even support to continue their studies.

How to work at Coppel?

People interested in working at To cut they can go to the page, where they will have two options: register their request or apply directly for a job offer.

In the case of the registration of the application, you must fill in all your personal data, your place of residence, your education, your professional experience and your interests.

After that, you will be contacted by the company when they have a position to fill and your profile suits them.

In the “search for job offers” section, you can search for an offer by position, region or place of residence.

In this section and after selecting the position available in Coppel of your interest, you must upload a photo, your personal data, your CV, social networks, enter your personal expectations, then click on ‘send the application’.

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