Argentinian player attacks referee from behind VIDEO

Argentinian player attacks referee from behind VIDEO

Buenos Aires, Argentina /

coward, little man and every adjective that comes to mind to define a troglodyte disguised as a footballer that this weekend assaulted a female referee as part of a semi-professional match Argentina, attack him from behind because he didn’t agree with me to foul his team.

The player aggression towards the whistle it happened in the League of Three Streams of the South American country, which usually gives the note of violence in football. According to journalist César Luis Merlo, the reserve match between Independence and Garmensewho could happen at night like so many others in semi-professional football, has now viralized on social networks.

On the images we see the judge mark a fault which is disapproved by the team, the footballer with the jersey 7 kicks the ball and it is worth the yellow, but player number 2 is the one freaking out. In the video, there is a cut edit and we see the caveman hitting the referee with his clenched fist between the jaw and the back of the neckwhich he sent to the ground, but got up quickly fearing for his integrity.

His companions failed to stop him; not happy to have hit the whistler from behind, after a few seconds he tries to approach again, but that’s when the opponents, teammates, technical staff and even the police enter the court to try to calm him down. A misfit whose safety features they took him to detention.

The comments on the video are unanimous in condemning the violence, in particular this episode of a man treacherously attacks a helpless womanincredibly calm despite the seriousness of the situation since the guy didn’t look happy with the blow to the back of the head and wanted more violence.

“I don’t know why people believe that being on a football pitch can hit you without a criminal charge,” commented a follower of the journalist. “This guy can’t walk on a court anymore, asshole”another replied. “Let this criminal be refounded in prison”was another of the messages.

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