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Mexican woman discovers asteroid

Mexican woman discovers asteroid
A Mexican discovers an asteroid. Photo: AFP

Ashley Martinez Ocampo11 years old and from the state of Morelos, became the first mexican girl of history by discovering a asteroidunveiled the Minor Planet Center (MPC)of the International Astronomical Union.

Courtesy of Urania Astronomical Society

For his discovery, Ashley Martinezwho has already participated in other research campaigns, received a diploma from the program International Collaboration for Astronomical Research (IASC) and NASA for their discovery, reported in a press release the Astronomical Society of Urania (SAU).

East astronomical discovery is part of the program IASCin which students, amateurs and members of astronomy clubs all over the world collaborate.

How did you discover the asteroid?

The miner received in March 2021 hundreds of digital photographs taken by the Pan-Starrs double panoramic telescopewho is located in Hawaii and analyzed each image on his computer using software.

the astronomer Cassidy Daviscoordinator of the IASCpointed out that Ashley Martinez makes “original observations” during the campaign.

What did he say Ashley Martinez after finding an asteroid?

Ashley Martinez recognized that it took time to find asteroid because she had to carefully analyze several images and because there were occasional software glitches that confused her, but once she identified the asteroid, she was very proud.

“Identifying new asteroids is very important because what happens if one of them collides with Earth? This is why it is relevant that experts and young people interested in astronomy who have the opportunity to discover them do so”.

Ashley Martinez

The location where he found the celestial body, now identified as 2021 FD26, lies in the main asteroid belt. For his discovery, Ashley will have the honor of giving him his name, but that will have to wait a bit.

The asteroid detections are stored in the database MPC as long as necessary until enough locations have been obtained to fully confirm orbit, a process that can take up to 10 years.

It will be until the moment when the asteroid in question may bear the name of “Ashley” and awaits confirmation of the discovery of five more asteroids. For now, he has just finished primary school in Jojutla, Morelosand was selected to participate in the Knowledge Olympiad in her state.

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