The stages of football medicine

The stages of football medicine

Betting on football is not just a matter of luck or bad luck, it is an alternative that requires great prior preparation both empirically and analytically and for which it is essential to collect all possible data on participating teams and their players, which will allow us to put in place sports betting strategies that will ensure our success. For this reason, everything must be well put together, and any movement that takes place in the teams must be closely monitored, from a new signing to a change of roles between the players of the team.

Every time there is a new signing on a football team, fans jump with excitement. However, this fact is not a problem to be taken lightly and involves a series of medical tests such as, for example, establishing the state of health of the future new member of the team to detect signs of illnesses that may have their origin in exertion and be able to take steps to reduce the likelihood of further harm or deterioration in their state of health.

It should be noted that these medical protocols are generally routine and allow the health status of players to be controlled and monitored, although it should be kept in mind that they can reverse the transfer. It wouldn’t be the first time a transfer wasn’t completed due to the detection of a specific injury or condition in the player.

What are the objectives of the club medical visit?

This type of sports medical examination, in addition to being an effective filter to make or not a dedication, offers an opportunity to detect health problems that make sports practice dangerous.

There are many situations in which, despite the absence of obvious symptoms, an athlete subjected to maximum stress can be put in danger.

To begin with, it is essential to ensure that a good response is obtained from the body of the player coping with stressful situations who will live in every room.

Also, it is essential to locate controllable disorders such as poorly healed wounds, overloads or muscle weakness that may interfere with sports practice.

Also, they serve detect predispositions to injuries or illnesses and assess the physical form of the athlete, helping to prevent injury or guiding you on what activities you can or should do to achieve peak performance.

And of course, this is especially valid for meet legal and insurance obligations.

What is this type of sports medical examination?

The physical exam can indicate readiness: resting pulse, blood pressure, baseline stress tests, height and weight, among others. In short, this rigorous verification is the one that will finally give the key to knowing if it is possible to make the transfer.

Given the complexity of the assessment, it must be carried out by a multidisciplinary team including not only the doctor in charge, but also physiotherapists, nutritionists, physical trainers, sports psychologists, podiatrists or other medical specialists. The essential steps to observe during the examination are detailed below.

1.- Player medical history including your sports history (injuries, treatments, dietary supplements, etc.).

of them.- A nutritional assessment which makes it possible to design an adequate and personalized guideline.

3.- A complete physical examination which includes practically the entire apparatus: digestive, respiratory, circulatory, the nervous system, the endocrine system, vision…

4.- It should also include complete urine and blood tests., as well as body composition which provides an exact calculation of the athlete’s fat and muscle percentage.

5.- A musculoskeletal assessment will also be required. being essential to identify current or old muscle injuries of tendons and ligaments and possible sequelae, in order to know the potential risk factors of the athlete and to be able to prepare effective prevention plans.

6.- Equally important will be the cardiovascular assessment, since high intensity exercise can increase the risk of problems such as sudden death.

seven.- Finally, a sprint test will need to be completed with which to check the speed and speed of the player.

As we can see after all that has been written so far, all this well-structured protocol is essential in order to ensure that the club’s new investment is intelligent as well as productive and offers adequate guarantees, both for the smooth running of the long-term club events, as for the betting world in general. Many factors depend on the completion of a thorough medical examination.

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