The best abdominal exercise is also the most comfortable

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And if he best abs exercise be the one you can to sit Anytime anywhere? It is not necessary to add difficulty and hang from a bar or have a mat at hand to lie on the ground.

One of Men’s Health’s personal trainers, Faris Khan, shared the exercise everyone can and should do in the summer for maintain or improve your six-pack. But best of all, not only will it help you with that, but it’s also a great movement to work mobility and strength of the hips.

The best abdominal exercise is the seated leg lift. It’s more comfortable than the rest, works the lower abs (an area that more than one person forgets) and requires a increased core strength maintain balanceso you will notice in no time how it works.

The only thing to do is feel on the ground, hold the Straight back and tight abs, and lift one leg then the other to finish 10 repetitions on each side. The ideal, according to the expert, is to make between 2 and 3 sets in total.

Beginners can put your hands on the ground to help with stability, however, those seeking more difficultythey have to leave the arms outstretched to each side and try to maintain balance through core strength.

At first glance it may seem simple, but after a few repetitions you will notice the burn in your abs and you will realize that, as comfortable as it is sitting down doesn’t mean you’re not going work your core like never before.

So now you know, if you’re looking something quick and you can do on the beach, pool, hotel room or the living room at home, this exercise will help you stay if you also want to do physical activity during the holidays.

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