Atlas fans name culprit in Santos loss

Atlas fans name culprit in Santos loss

Atlas still lost in Opening 2022. Those led by Diego Coke now they fell on their visit to Santos with a solitary goal of John Brunet and the fans did not hesitate to point out the culprit.

There are already four defeats of the foxes so far in the tournament, in exchange for just one win and one draw. Beyond still relishing the recently achieved double championship, fans are hoping that the proper work will be done to rebuild the path.

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The reactions after the defeat of the Atlas

Once the end of the match was whistled, the supporters of the Atlas exploded on social media, analyzing the possible reasons for the defeat. However, one that could be read over and over was that of Oziel Herrera.

For red and black fans, Herrera shouldn’t be a starter with Atlas and they even claimed that they didn’t release it at some point during the meeting. Of course, most fans of the foxes He agreed that they will soon be able to turn the situation around, with daily work, to reappear at the top of the table.

Atlas Saints and Stats

Saints He entered the match with just one win, one draw and two losses, only in 14th place in the competition. They haven’t won since day one, in which they beat striped in a great comeback game and ended up leading 4-3.

Atlas For his part, he could only defeat Blue Cross so far in the tournament. On the other hand, he adds a draw and three losses, for which he sank in position 16 of the Apertura 2022.

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