Pachuca Obstetrical Hospital changes location

Cambia de sede el Hospital Obstétrico de Pachuca

Pachuca Obstetrical Hospital changes location

The Hidalgo Health Secretary informed that he will change seat on Obstetric hospital of Pachuca.

The services of the said hospital, located in the district of Piracantos, are suspended since friday july 29 due to the process of moving medical supplies and equipment.

people who need medical care obstetrics nowadays are channeled at hospitals in Actopan, Pachuca and Tulancingo.

The new headquarters from Obstetric hospital in Pachuca will be on Madero Avenue 405in the Doctores district, from Tuesday August 2nd.

this hospital turned 22 and until the change of headquarters it had 39 general practitioners, 42 specialists, 144 nurses, 4 dentists, 15 social workers, 86 administrative

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