Aldi’s product to take care of the line during the summer

Aldi básculas cocina con las que cuidar tu línea

In anticipation of summer, we all want to wear a Sculptural body at the beach or pool, however, during this time of year we also tend to neglect the diet when we are on vacation. It is obvious that we must take advantage of it and enjoy it, even if to prevent these eating behaviors from becoming harmful in the future, the experts invite us to measure quantities of the food we eat to take care of our figure despite the excesses.

the supermarket chain Aldi in its new catalog offers us some of the best gadgets with whom we will avoid gaining a few extra pounds during this summer like these kitchen scales who areuse the feeling among your customers. A product available in three different models which will accurately measure any type of food we weigh on them.

Take care of your figure with this Aldi scale

The Ambiano kitchen scale They are available in up to three different models. On the one hand we have the square design in black or white, or if you prefer the design in a round model in the same colors, black or white. High-precision scales with which you not only you will take care of your line control the quantities you eat, otherwise they will allow you to prepare even more delicious dishes, since you will measure the exact quantities of each of the ingredients, resulting in even more delicious dishes. tastier.

Ambiano circular model balance

Both models have the ability to measure a maximum weight of 6kg, although if you measure a certain type of liquid with them it will be in ml. Through his LCD screen, the Ambiano scale will indicate the weight of each of the foods, and once you remove them, the device will turn off automatically. Moreover, it includes two weighing bins that you can wash in the dishwasher without any inconvenience.

Ambiano quadrangular model balance on sale at Aldi

Will accurately measure any ingredient

The third design of this type of ladder comes in spoon shape, like the other models, in white or black. In this case, you have the option of measuring a maximum weight of 300 grams with an LCD screen located on the handle. A tool that will be very useful in cases where recipes require you to add a tablespoon of oil, salt or sugar.

Ambiano spoon model scale on sale at Aldi

This range of Ambient scales that Aldi has put up for sale will be great utility in your culinary tasks during the summer, since you will take care of your figure while enjoying all the flavor of each of your recipes. Take advantage of this opportunity and get this product for €9.99 unit in each of the German supermarkets.

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