A futuristic-inspired mini house capable of making you fall in love

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Movie premieres are responsible for causing a great sensation that can be seen in all aspects of our lives, likewise and depending on the success of the movie, they are capable of tilting or diverting attention towards futuristic designs which in many cases have meant great successes in the functional area. This is the emblematic case of a home prefabricated which literally doubles on its own structure and that thanks to Stelios Mousarris it is possible to enjoy a model of Little house inspired by the hit movie “Inception” in Spanish “Origin” and that after a development that took 2 years it is possible that this designer of Cypriot origin can make us enjoy his strange but functional and striking pattern curved.

A building of 48 square meters delivered fully furnished and able to operate in dual mode thanks to the fact that it is able to connect to the electrical networks and also to operate by managing solar energy through panels specially designed for this purpose, from where at the same time it is sustainable and eco-friendly and with a design that is incapable of failing. wording Wave Cabin It is an excellent solution to escape as a couple and enjoy all that the nature can offer, always with the maximum commitment to take care of it and to have a gigantic share of conviviality with the natural environments that can surround it, thus realizing that the Space cabin to be an ecological mini house.

A large house to enjoy nature

Although the designer responsible for this large-scale project has already surprised us with a table that manages to fold in on itself and is totally based on the sci-fi film starring the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio, it is now and after a few years of study and design which presents a masterpiece of genius. Nail Little house of 48 square meters of space which may seem very simple, but which undoubtedly aims to revolutionize the way we think when designing a home concept comfortable, respectful of nature and able to offer all the innumerable advantages of prefabricated constructions.

prefab furnished sustainable space

a house called Wave Cabin and that Stelios Mousarris assures that it is capable of housing 2 inhabitants and satisfying the basic needs of a getaway whose primary purpose is to enjoy nature. The house is delivered completely furniture and also allows you to choose the source of energy, since it can work both with energy from the electricity grid and with solar panels. Your system insulation It is also one of the most remarkable because it achieves incredible temperature management on both cold and hot days of the year and its profile made up of triple glass walls guarantees a panoramic and very complete view of nature.

A design that offers comfort with a protective feel

The Wave Cabin, as its name suggests, is based on the shape of a vague and which directs its design to a scene from a famous science fiction movie, where the ultimate purpose of this design is to offer a place of protection where the wave literally embraces life, allowing existence to flow and grow within it. The uses for which this mini house has been developed are multiple and can range from a beautiful and charming garden shed until managing to deliver a solution to enjoy nature for a weekend without any problem and maintain high quotas of comfort and relaxationin addition to a pleasant feeling of tranquility and peace achieving a perfect harmony with the natural spaces where its installation is determined.

futuristic mini house insulation

Its configuration includes a room with functions of bedroom with a double bed, a kitchen which shares its spaces with living room of be and in the center of the house bath. As well as materials entirely chosen to maintain the best performance at the time of thermal and sound insulation that allow occupants to obtain the feeling of being immersed in nature, but protecting you from temperature peaks and thus managing a reduction in the energy expenditure of the whole structure.

A characteristic that gives him the ability to be respectful of naturein addition to enjoying a house that, thanks to the materials with which it is built, allows us to offer an excellent and very positive ecological footprint. It also allows a large capacity of sustainability and a perfect mimicry to integrate very positively with the natural environment that surrounds it, reducing in a very generous way the visual impact with the surroundings.

A perfect size to be premade and comfortable

Although it is a house equipped with everything necessary to obtain the best interaction In any type of natural space, it is relevant that you know that it is a limited supply, since the construction of 25 units of these is simply planned Houses prefabricated dream. And it is that exclusivity is also an integral part of its design, so if you are interested in any of them you should hurry and have a generous checkbook.

protection harmony natural energy

The dimensions They speak for themselves and although they are ideal for delivering comfort and a certain degree of space, are perfectly planned so that the house is cataloged in the range of miniature Houses and is that its 8 meters long by 6 meters deep and 2.5 meters high are perfect to work well from many points of view, including of course being a house transportable and which requires on-site assembly.

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