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Invox Medical

Invox Medical, speech recognition software for dictation and transcription of medical reports, has strengthened its presence in the Latin America region with its own team led by andrea carbelliNew entrepreneur for Spain. Carabelli has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare IT sector. In addition, he has spent a large part of his career in companies Care flow Yes Philips Health.

Likewise, the company has been present in most Spanish-speaking countries for several years thanks to the collaboration with local partners. In this sense, it is committed to continuing its growth with new additions that will allow it to offer a more comprehensive support to the medical centers, clinics, laboratories and professionals they already work with, while expanding their presence.

Invox Medical speech recognition software is available in Spanish and Portuguese for 20 different specialties

The Carabelli team is currently developing a new working model customer focused with its network of collaborators. They seek to provide greater technical knowledge that will serve to improve the customer relationship and to fully meet your needs. As part of this project, the company is developing a platform that will centralize all information. It is a tool that will facilitate communication with business partners in Latin America.

We have chosen to increase our penetration in these markets, to accelerate our commercial development and to position ourselves as references in terms of voice recognition for health. To achieve this, we needed an appropriate team of people led by a professional with industry knowledge and experience in the Latin American region like Andrea Carabelli. In permanent coordination with her, we will make resources available to this team to be able to provide quality service to our clients, reorganize all the stakeholders with whom we work and define new processes enabling us to deal with the enterprise scaling»it is said Pierre Vivancosfounding partner and director of innovation strategy at Invox Medical.

The software has recorded a dictation success rate of 99%

Time saving
It is estimated that approximately 46% of the time worked by doctors is devoted to completing the clinical documentation of patients, in particular since the implementation of the electronic medical record in Spain. This system requires health workers to prepare this information with a specific format and depth. As the organization’s spokesperson said, “Solutions like this, based on technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, applied to natural language processing, reduce up to 35% the time that a doctor can take longer to write a report than to type it, since dictating is up to three times faster than writing”.

For the moment, this software is available in Spanish and Portuguese for 20 different specialtiesand recorded a higher dictation success rate than 95%. It’s all thanks to the analysis work the company has done with tens of thousands of anonymized medical reports that have helped the system recognize each branch’s scientific terminology and commonly used expressions. “The countries in which Invox Medical operates have specific, different needs requiring tailored attention. I hope to contribute to the growth of the company with my experience and knowledge in the Spanish speaking countries in which I have worked for more than 20 years. The challenge is exciting and a wonderful opportunity to help professionals in the sector carry out their work optimize your timeThat is”Carabelli concludes.

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