This Nokia 5110 Communicator with Android will scare you

This Nokia 5110 Communicator with Android will scare you

It’s a “hacker” design and not something you can buy, but it serves as a demonstration of what the Android community can do if they think about it… Brutal!

This Nokia 5110 Communicator with Android will scare you

We already know the taste of nokiaafter its revival with HMD Global, to recover its classics from the Nokia 3310 4G to the Matrix mobile, the Nokia 8110, and even its latest Xpress Music inspired creation as the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio.

Anyway, this time we bring you nothing from Nokia itself but another exercise in daring from the scenes androidcame to less with the maturity of the platform but still able to present us with impressive developments such as this Nokia 5110 worthy of the name communicator and which could be described as feature phone who completely ate an Android phone on the grill.

Nokia 5110 communications project

It is a Nokia 5110 which has been “exploited” to become an Android Communicator.

The design is a real virguería, work of a pirate with good electronic and DIY skills who is called on youtube finalplatform where he posted the video where he presents his creation, beaten, yes, by the youth of the design and the lack of attention to detail of this first phase of development.

In any case, we can tell you that from an original Nokia 5110, from the factory, this developer has made place a fully functional Android smartphone in the battery area small size, specifically a Soyes XS11 Mini which, as you’ll see, suffered construction weather on its screen.

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Front it’s still a Nokia 5110 as you know itbut the surprises are behind because when we remove what would be the battery we find a full physical QWERTY keyboard and also wirelesswho communicates well with that hidden Soyes XS11 Mini under the redesigned keyboard cover.

The smartphone is very basic, otherwise why look for what you are looking for, and has a screen of 2.5 inch chipset quad-core1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, full connectivity up to 3G, dual-SIM, WIFi, aGPS and Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Obviously The main cameras that remain behind will not workbut the one in front, and we don’t know how the problem of inserting and removing cards or loading was solved.

Either way, the design exercise is wonderful and East Nokia 5110 Communicator which never saw the light of day -but now it does- deserved to savor some infatuation mediaWe’ll see if there are new, more cautious versions!

Finally, and in case you want to investigate or do it yourself, the good of final released all codes and sources of his work on GitHub, in this link the keyboard part and also in this one the telephone part.

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