This Bershka garment costs less than 8 euros and is causing a revolution among influencers

Pantalón ancho por menos de 8 euros de Bershka

We imagine that it happens to you too and it is that with the boom of social networks, you consume much more than before. And it is that with all this Instagram, a profile like that of influencers is born, people who, in exchange for money, recommend products from different brands. This often happens in the fashion industry, which means that we are aware of the latest clothing trends with a single scroll on the mobile screen. Come on, you don’t have to go to the stores in the mall anymore to get the latest fashion.

The process is usually as follows: we see a photo on Instagram of a fashion influencer, we fell in love with her outfit and, in order not to miss any, we quickly go to the mobile app of the clothing brand in question, we generally do it with Bershka, and for the shopping cart that goes away. And we don’t even talk to each other anymore if we’re on sales, if in these days of discounts we buy more compulsively, having fashion influencers so close makes us consume a lot more. For example, one of our latest bargain acquisitions was this wide pants less than 8 euros from Bershka.

Wide pants less than 8 euros from Bershka

East wide pants less than 8 euros from Bershka It’s a purchase you should make before it runs out because all the trending Instagrammers are showing it on their profiles which means it’s going to go trending and then when you see it at all people on the street you will regret not buying it in time. Furthermore, we consider it to be a very versatile and comfortable garment Both modern and youthful, a basic for the bottom of your wardrobe.

Wide maxi pants, photo: ©Bershka

To tell you a little more about these wide pants at less than 8 euros from Bershka, we will tell you that they are a Large pantscommonly referred to in the fashion world as “wide leg maxi pants”. It is cut straight and wide from above and it is made of cotton, a more than perfect material at this time of year to keep you warm. In addition, it is low-cut, that is to say that its waist is well below the navel, it also has darts at the waist so that you can put a belt there if one day the desire takes you, and it has also a brooch on the front with a button in a dark tone and an invisible zipper.

Another of the main features of the design of these wide pants under 8 euros from Bershka is that they have two pockets on the sides and two more on the back, pockets that give it a style very similar to the famous cargo pants that have also been very fashionable in recent months. In general, the style of these wide maxi pants, moreover sand brown, reminds us, with its back pockets and darts, of the typical style chino cut trousers but with a slightly more modern design. In short, it has a style between classic and modern since it looks a lot like dress pants but with a modern twist with those wide legs, that’s why they are so versatile, because you can use them both for a more casual look for a more formal look and elegant, it all depends on the accessories and tops you pair them with. It is available from size 34 to 40 and, as we have already mentioned before, It has a price of 7.99 euros.

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