The Academy: These are the big announcements of the evening.

The Academy: These are the big announcements of the evening.

With each passing weekend, we get closer to the grand finale of The Academystudents must therefore unfold their full potential in order to reach this special Sunday that can change their lives forever.

Eduardo forgot the lyrics to his song on stage at La Academia.

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Each of them knows it, but this Sunday was not a good day for everyone, because only Cesia and Nelson had a good presentation on the most important musical stage in Mexico.

Now the rules inside The Academy they have changed and we will have the opportunity to see a final like never before.

Academy rules change for the final.

Things have changed again The Academywell, this sunday we haven’t been expelled and we’ll only have one more before the final, since for the big sunday we’re going to have five students who are going to try to fulfill their dream.

But that wasn’t the only big news of the evening since, for the first time in 20 years of The Academywe are going to live a final in two days, the concert on Saturday and the one on Sunday to meet the big winner.

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So the emotions for the next of The Academy they will increase, as well as the requirements for students, so you can’t miss any details.

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