Sabrina Sabrok: what she looked like before the 50 operations that today almost destroyed her spine

Sabrina Sabrok: what she looked like before the 50 operations that today almost destroyed her spine

After appearing as a model sabrina sabrok He left everyone speechless when he entered the adult film world. In the same way, she has been very surprised over the years after having undergone several cosmetic surgeries that make her look very different from how she looked in her youth.

In front of the media, the Argentine mentioned that she had undergone more than 50 surgeries of this type to obtain the image she always wanted; However, today things will take a drastic turn as doctors have warned him that some implants need to be removed immediately for health reasons.

sabrina sabrok, who even won a Guinness World Record for her bust size, now has to say goodbye to them, as they severely affect her spine due to the weight she has to constantly carry. Although she didn’t mention when, she will return to the operating room this year to return to her original form, which causes her to retract.

“I’m very sad, I don’t think I can get over it, several doctors have already told me, they told me that I have to take them off if I can’t stay in the wheelchair, I have to do it as soon as as possible, because of the weight I carry. They did x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs and my spine was almost destroyed,” the actress revealed.

sabrina sabrok She assured that a large sum of money has been spent on all her operations, of which the bust stands out, but now with the warning from the doctors, she will have to go back to how she was before, which makes her sad to the point of having to go to therapy to deal with it.

Similarly, he revealed that he no longer plans to get implanted and stay as he is (“with very little breast”). In this case, to achieve this, doctors will have to remove skin in order to make a successful and aesthetic reconstruction. Of course, he warned that it will remain the same, but without as much bust.

“It’s a very drastic change, the truth is that it’s going to get me out on the streets, it’s going to be strong, I’m in therapy”

Through their social networks, sabrina sabrok She has never had a problem showing off her figure since she was 17 or 20, where even her face is very different from what it is now.

Sabrina Sabrok has never had a problem showing herself as she was before her operations (Photo: Instagram @sabrinasabrokreal)


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