OCU’s highest rated chocolate dessert comes from Carrefour, now for 1 euro

Carrefour postre chocolate OCU

The Cream They are one of the most coveted desserts by everyone, children and adults. What you should know is that its composition contains an excess of sugar. It was announced by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) after analyzing 33 brands of this dairy product, but only one was acclaimed, just winner of the list, and these are precisely the most recent additions. We are talking about pastry cream Crossroadsacclaimed by all.

But, in this case, we are not talking about just any custard, but about those that are the best of all the supermarkets that we can find at the moment, the same ones that are presented in an innovative pack that allows them to go out with a much better price. These are the purest chocolate creams of the French chain, made by its own brand, and which resulted in obtaining the highest rating.

Not all supermarket custards are the same, and Carrefour is proof of that

Because yes, we know; This delicacy in the form of a dessert is one of the most appreciated delicacies of our childhood snacks, but, like brioches or sausage sandwiches, they have aged badly. It is a very popular product in Spain and its production requires a large amount of sugar. In any case, most of us resort to options sold in stores. supermarketsoptions not all of which are equal.

And we don’t say that because we are more or less healthy, but also because of the quality that they cherish And there the Carrefour supermarkets have sent new ones that are already sold in the various chains of our country, and which have been seen as the more appetizing, both in appearance and in flavor and texture, as the OCU has collected. Therefore, if you answered yes to the question of whether you like chocolate, you will love them.

The Carrefour are entirely chocolate creams without sugar

He does it from a rich dessert, without sugar and healthy, a priori difficult to find for Spanish consumers. These, in order to help their customers, have released chocolate creams without added sugar perfect for taking care of yourself. It is in line with other healthy products offered by its counterpart, the Mercadona supermarket, such as its fat-free chocolate milkshake or its new oriental filling recommended by trainers and nutritionists.

We are talking about the new chocolate cream, they come in a pack of 4 units of 125 grams each and the whole pack costs only 0.72 €. In addition, it contains few ingredients, which gives the product a natural look. Contains milk, cocoa and sweeteners. It should be noted that it bears the Nutri-Score seal, which means that this product is packed with vitamins. A perfect option for lovers of sweets, but also for those looking for something fundamentally healthier.

Carrefour OCU chocolate cream

Suitable for diets, they are packed with vitamins

As such, Carrefour markets many desserts under its own brand, which also bears its own name. It is therefore one of the best buys recommended by the OCU after analyzing the 33 best custards on the market. More specifically, they appreciate the chocolate cream with 56 points out of 100, the highest score. It is therefore a big alternative to the more classic which you can usually find.

Good in flavor, creamy and with a intense chocolate aroma, they are so versatile that they allow us to incorporate them into our diet as we most wish, but without giving up our great passion. Perfect for a snack or dessert during lunch or dinner, at the moment we can buy them with chocolate flavor, but there are already many users who request them in vanilla, another of the star flavors of this delicious dessert. You won’t find them the same.

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