Mayor Wink tells ‘horror stories’ of commercial chain workers

Mayor Wink tells 'horror stories' of commercial chain workers

  • Through a dynamic, Maire Wink shared the horror stories of her followers working for commercial companies.

  • The stories were shared on social media like Facebook and Twitter and quickly went viral.

  • The influencer has over 700,000 followers on Instagram and has popularized her content for a series of cooking dynamics.

The influencers they have changed the way we understand the use of digital platforms and entertainment. Through content creation, many of these influencers They have managed to stand out as people with a lot of media power and who can influence consumer decisions.

The popularity of these today is indisputable and continues to grow, which has made sponsors increasingly interested in broadening their horizons. A clear example of this is the new deal Flink has made with the Rainbow7 champions or the constant mentions on Instagram of many of them to specific product brands.

Some of the content creators on platforms like Twitch have become very prominent as the Spanish-speaking audience grows. yesthreaders in spanish as Ibai, El Rubius, Juan Guarnizo, Auronplay, Ari Gameplays and others have succeeded in positioning themselves as great references of what is perhaps the new form of entertainment, with an audience of millions of people.

However, it must be understood that the power of the media that I mentioned earlier in the influencers This can be detrimental for many brands if they decide to use their popularity to show part of their internal management or, on the contrary, take advantage of them by making purchases on a digital site.

For this year 2022, thanks to the Statista Global Consumer Survey, 19% of Spanish consumers assured that their consumption skills had been affected following the recommendations of a influencer That is famous. This percentage rises to 44% in Brazilwhich was listed as the Latin American country with the most Instagram influencers in 2020 by far.

Mayor Wink tells ‘horror stories’ of commercial chain workers

The influencer known as Mayor Winkfamous for her humorous videos on YouTube, through an Instagram initiative of questions called “Anonymous confession from the company where you work”, the influencer began to read the answers of several of her followers.

The result was chaotic, since it made it possible to read many horror stories that different employees go through. It should be noted that none of these have been proven or denied, so isolated cases or directly false testimonies could result, however, imagining that these are anonymous testimonies perhaps makes it a little truer for many users.

Hope Bakery:

“At La Esperanza we try expired cakes with a straw and they sell them until they spoil,” says an anonymous user.

The vegan taco shop thanks its mother:

“I worked at the vegan taqueria Gracias Madre and they don’t wash the vegetables, they just rinse them with water.”


“At Sirloin Stokade they don’t wash the dishes, they just soak them in water.”

These are some of the other stories that have been read in Maire Wink’s stories where, of course, some of them sound quite alarming.

Despite everything, it is essential to always know the position of the brands involved, because this type of dynamic, if it is wrong, could make a brand look bad in the face of the knowledge built up during a long work of marketing.

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