Alan Mozo revealed Chivas dressing room position with Alexis Vega after missing the penalty against Pachuca

Alan Mozo revealed Chivas dressing room position with Alexis Vega after missing the penalty against Pachuca

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The Flock’s new reinforcement revealed how the jig took on Gru’s failure, as well as the method to get out of the slump.

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Given the serious results crisis that Chivas is going through in this Apertura 2022, Atletico fans are trying to point the finger at this situation, so this weekend the one pointed out was Alexis Vega as he missed a penalty against Pachucaa situation that has not gone unnoticed within the rojiblanco team.

Guadalajara’s new reinforcement, Alan Mozo, assured that the entire Guadalajara campus supports Gru despite the fact that his mistake prevented the rojiblancos from getting their first win of the half, as they recognize how much the striker with the number 10 contributes to the attack.

“The penalty is known to be scored or missed. Alexis is a crack, we have three goals in the tournament and two assists and a goal, nothing to blame him for. He felt confident, support him and that belongs to everyone. We all show our faces,” the winger told Marca Claro.

The footballer left Puma’s careers ensured that in the herd they should not come out to give explanations or excusesbut must bring solutions to the playing field, which is why Mozo calls for teamwork.

“I will always bring my audacity to the team. I am not satisfied, I can give more. That’s why I prepare every day. There’s no point in coming to talk about what we’re going to do, it’s time to just see him on the pitch.

“Areor it is the first situation in which the team does not find the winning goal. We just have to keep working, I’m sure we’ll turn the situation around, with a mentality, with work and with goals. That’s what we were missing and that’s what we need to work on,” he concluded.

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