Up to 45% of the adult population complain of poor sleep quality

Up to 45% of the adult population complain of poor sleep quality

• ENES León promotes dental sleep medicine; together with Tufts University he will organize courses to treat this condition in a multidisciplinary way: Roberto Ruiz Díaz

These alterations are linked to obesity and weight gain, dietary habits and can also cause hypertension, metabolic problems -such as diabetes-, with some patients being even more prone to developing heart problems.

It has been reported that up to 45% of the adult population complains of poor quality sleep at some point in their lives and that over 30% of men snore.

For this reason, Ruiz Díaz explained that ENES León promotes sleep dental medicine and for this they will initiate, in collaboration with Tufts University, in the United States, courses to treat these alterations in a multidisciplinary way, considered as a public health problem. .

The first will be taught by international specialists in sleep medicine and surgery, pulmonologists, otolaryngologists and orthodontists, through four modules that will take place from September of this year to March 2023, in the facilities of ENES León, the American educational institution and online.

Also, with this activity, a process of liaison with the North American university begins and the strengthening of the internationalization of said Mexican university entity. He clarified that letters of intent have been signed with Tufts University to collaborate on research and have student and academic mobility.

Likewise, it is sought that the courses establish the bases to count, in the future, with graduates and to create a sleep clinic at ENES León, like the one that the Faculty of Medicine of UNAM currently has.

multidisciplinary care

According to the expert, it is recommended that adults get eight hours of sleep a day so that people go through the different stages of sleep – that they can have REM and non-REM sleep, characterized by rapid eye movements – and that they allow the biological repair processes of the organism to be carried out.

When breathing is suspended during sleep, he added, oxygenation drops to critical levels, including that to the brain and metabolic repair processes.

In this sense, added Ruiz Díaz, it is important to deal with these alterations in a multidisciplinary way through specialties such as otolaryngology, pediatrics, psychology, language therapies and now also dentistry that promotes dental sleep medicine.

“As orthodontists, we offer solutions, specifically for apnea, based on mandibular advancement devices, which are devices for night use and make the mandible have a more forward position, free the patency of the airways breathing in the pharynx and make the patient no longer snore or snore less,” he explained.

According to the university expert, “children also suffer from sleep apnea and this can be diagnosed by a pediatric dentist and treated simultaneously with the otolaryngologist”.

At an early age, upper airway obstructions associated with the right upper jaw or related to the growth of adenoids – lymphatic tissues present in the upper airways between the nose and the back of the throat – or tonsils can be detected . Also with certain problems due to allergic rhinitis, among others.



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