From the sofa, Celia Lora lights up the net with a lingerie bodysuit that highlights her curves | PICTURES

From the sofa, Celia Lora lights up the net with a lingerie bodysuit that highlights her curves |  PICTURES

It’s no secret that Celia Lora She has established herself as one of the most loved models in the world of digital platforms thanks to the constant content she shares, which goes viral within minutes after receiving endless interactions from her loyal followers.

On her personal Instagram profile, the star of Playboy He usually shares images in which he shows off his statuesque figure in risque looks that suit him perfectly or at least that’s how his millions of followers have let him know.

It is precisely on this digital platform that the daughter of Alex Lora has shown that she has one of the best figures in the world of entertainment by sharing some images that correspond to one of her most daring sessions in recent days.

Celia Lora poses from the couch in a lingerie bodysuit

A few days ago, in front of her more than 10 million followers, the model uploaded some photos in which she showed all her curves with a flirtatious look that has become one of the favorites of Internet users, so after a few minutes a started circulating in different entertainment media.

In the first picture we see Celia Lora sitting on a sofa looking at the camera; The young woman squanders beauty with a daring look that consists of a lingerie bodysuit that stands out with its pronounced neckline and stands out with a necklace that she wears.

Photo: Instagram/@celi_lora

In the following photo, the star of Playboy She lit up the net by striking a risque pose that exposed her toned legs and some of her more hidden tattoos. Internet users immediately became present, assuring that she looks superb with this type of looks.

As expected, the post went viral within minutes, reaching between the two photos more than 140,000 likes and endless comments, which highlight the elegance that the model exudes in all of her images.

Photo: Instagram/@celi_lora

Celia Lora and her social media legacy

After shining in the modeling industry and on the reality show Acapulco Shore, Celia Lora has found Instagram the perfect place to stay close to her millions of followers as she uploads content almost daily.

In her various social networks, the daughter of the singer of El Tri usually shares images enjoying expensive trips while she looks spectacular with looks that highlight all her curves.


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