5 Reasons Why ‘Predator: Prey’ Will Be Star Plus’ Best Sci-Fi Movie

5 Reasons Why 'Predator: Prey' Will Be Star Plus' Best Sci-Fi Movie

‘Predator: The Prey’ will be released on August 5, which is why we’re going to tell you exactly why it will become the best sci-fi film in the Star Plus catalog.

the saga of Predator started in 1987 with superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was famous in the 80s for films like terminator Yes Commando. Since then, the franchise has remained in the hearts of science fiction fans. Now, StarPlus is all-new Predator: The Prey, film that will become one of the best of its kind and here we tell you why.


We’ll start with one of the most important and, therefore, distinctive points of this new opus: its story, which stars Amber Midthunder, Dane DiLiegro and Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat. According to your description, is a prequel set in the 1700s under the Comanche nation.

This will introduce the first visits of the Yaujta alien race and their interactions with Earth, as it will take place 300 years before the first filmallowing director Dan Trachtenberg to explore the history of the earliest recorded predators.



‘Predator: The Prey’ will premiere on August 5 in the Star Plus catalog.

Speaking of Trachtenberg, we pause for a moment to talk about his career before we come to this exclusive film by StarPlus, as he showed his taste for science fiction with touches of terror. It happened with 10 Cloverfield Avenue, film that marked its debut with a plot of aliens who subjugate the human race.

We can’t forget the time he participated in black mirrorwhere he directed the second episode of the third season titled playlista young man who goes around the world in a backpack and agrees to become guinea pig by being part of a virtual reality game, which leads him to live a terrifying sensory experience.

A Mexican inspired the film

The film will show the first visits of the Predators to planet Earth.

Being a fiction, of course there are films which marked the genre and incidentally, also inspired predator: the preybest of all? A Mexican filmmaker leads this point through a space odyssey; of course we are talking about Gravitydirected by quadruple Oscar winner Alfonso Cuarón.

“I was really obsessed with making a film that could be told in as few words as possible. I was very inspired by movies like Mad Max: Fury Road Yes GravityI wanted to tell a visual and visceral story of survival.”said the manager.

ancient weapons


Humans must confront the predator only with a bow and arrows.

since we saw Predator with schwarzenegger we get used to clashes between alien and human hunters with all kinds of heavy weapons, at least machine guns, pistols and bombs. Everything was overcome with The Predator, where futurism has reached such a degree that there is powerful armor capable of annihilating aliens.

All of that has been tossed aside and given way to an approach where rudimentary weapons such as the bow and arrow will be the only thing the human protagonists will have at their fingertips. Added to this is that the sense of survival will be latent at all times.

Comanche language


The director of ‘Predator: La presa’ was inspired by the work of Alfonso Cuarón.

And icing on the cake: the creators of this exclusive film of StarPlus took very seriously the history of Comanche culture as the central axis of predator: the preygood Jhane Myers, producer of the film, has confirmed that we will be able to hear the protagonists speak the authentic Comanche language..

For me, language is really important. This is the first time that the linguistic component will be in the foreground in this film.

“Not only do you hear the Comanche language in the English dub, but this is the first time you can see the entire film in Comanche, not just subtitled. For me, being a descendant -or I guess part of the Lords of the Plains- it is very important to bring back my nation and my culture“.

do not forget this predator: the preywill arrive in the catalog of StarPlus next August 5 and will also feature performances by Geronimo Vela, Dakota Beavers, Stefany Mathias, Nelson Leis and Troy Mundle. Now you know why this prequel has all the elements necessary to become the sci-fi movie of the platform.

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