Aesthetic medicine lands in the metaverse with this Mexican company

Aesthetic medicine lands in the metaverse with this Mexican company

  • The constant use of apps such as Zoom and TikTok has caused the onset of blank face syndrome.
  • Over the past two years, cosmetic surgery procedures have increased worldwide.
  • Merz Aesthetics made history as the first Mexican aesthetic medicine company in the Metaverse.

The world is reinventing itself every day thanks to technological advances. Especially in recent years, the most important innovations in history have been made. We are now living in a moment of transformation thanks to the irruption of the metaverse and among the participants is a Mexican aesthetic medicine company that plans to make history.

Technology is changing the medical service

In this sense, one of the effects of the pandemic has been the digitization acceleration. The fear of the population to go to hospitals has caused an exponential increase in online medical consultations.

This service has been active for two decades but is now at its peak. It is a safe form of healing as there is no physical contact, but it also offers other positive aspects such as time saving. With this, the whole process is speeded up and both the doctor and the patient benefit.

So now is the time to take the next step. It is no longer just a question of offering a remote service but also of integrating elements such as Augmented reality. The natural evolution is the metaverse and its scope are so large that they can reach aesthetic medicine.

In this case, it’s all part of the announcement made by the Mexican company Merz Aesthetics. Through a statement confirmed its incorporation into this virtual model. The complete information will be unveiled from September 5 to 7 during a meeting during which he will share his strategic plan for the new fiscal year.

“If the VUCA environment of the past few years has shown us anything, it is that adapting to new technologies and digital channels is fundamental. The pandemic has accelerated digitalization in companies, with hybrid work models being a consolidated reality in organizations that invite new levels of interactivity and engagement. Merz Aesthetics, always at the forefront of innovation in its sector, thus makes the leap to the Metaverse”.

But what is the metaverse really about? What are the advantages ?

The metaverse is by no means a space just for techies and gamers. It is an immersive virtual environment that represents the next evolution of the Internet. One of its main advantages is that it has the ability to bring people together in a much more immersive way, facilitating human interaction and engagement with the virtual world. Employees will be able to attend a virtual office, enter meeting rooms and be able to present projects, brainstorm sessions or have coffee with their colleagues.

For their part, over the past two years, some Platforms like Zoom and TikTok have become allies of aesthetic medicine. Virtual meetings and the use of filters in applications have led to an increase in the number of interventions.

The greatest example can be seen with the appearance of the Empty face syndrome. It is a term that describes the feeling of insecurity generated by having the face uncovered. As the most critical part of the pandemic has passed, people have stopped wearing face masks and sometimes it causes emotional damage.

From all the above, aesthetic medicine clinics have seen a tremendous increase in their patients. Some interventions like rhinoplasty, liposuction and breast surgery are among the most requested.

In this way Merz Aesthetics Thus, it consolidates its position as a leading company in innovation and digital transformation in the aesthetic medicine sector, being the first aesthetic laboratory to settle in the metaverse.

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