If you’re broke for money, now the fashion is to build gigantic futuristic cities like this

If you're broke for money, now the fashion is to build gigantic futuristic cities like this

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Telosa is a futuristic site that will focus on sustainability. Is it possible to build it in the middle of the American desert?

The number of billionaires has multiplied in recent years and, as a result, the number of absurd projects with abundant funding It has also experienced exponential growth. Now it seems that the fashion is to create a new style of cities based on ecology, the use of renewable energies and, of course, the commitment to the creation of green spaces. The Line is undoubtedly the most ambitious project that currently exists, but the truth is that it is not the only one. Telosa is a megalopolis worth knowing.

This new modern city project would aim to establish a population of up to 5 million people within 40 years. In case you get funding of approximately $400,000 million, we could be faced with a space of about 106 square kilometers to establish everything necessary to guarantee a sustainable life to the previous volume of people. How is it possible? The first objective is to obtain the necessary funding.

So let’s see what are the main features of this incredible city that would be built in a desert area in the United States, why the incorporation of this new city can be viable and, of course, what can we expect in the years to come in relation to a project of these characteristics. Here are some of the main keys known today.

Telosa is a futuristic multi-million dollar city project

The futuristic city project will be based mainly on the development of a structure that will guarantee the sustainability. For this, activities such as recycling will be fundamental and everything will circulate in relation to this type of practice. According to information from Sand Boarding, this city is designed to be able to standardize bicycle routes and means of transport without polluting emissions. Likewise, the autonomous car should be one of the centerpieces for getting around.

If you're broke for money, now the fashion is to build gigantic futuristic cities like this

Telosa is a city project with a budget of around $400 billion Sand Boarding

Marc Lore, a billionaire who worked for Walmart is the main promoter of this bet linked to the real estate market. It is expected that over the next few months, she will be able to focus all her efforts on obtaining the necessary financing to start the development program.

Telosa will have information on other population centers of great interest to discover how to adapt to the new needs of people. After all, the growth pattern of cities has been directly linked to the real estate market. On this occasion, everything will revolve around people’s quality of life. Therefore, studies related to the influx of people to Tokyo and the lifestyle of the Scandinavian region will be conducted. The key is the establishment of a differential society.

The cities built on Earth have been designed exclusively as real estate projects, without putting people at the center. We want to reverse such a conception. People will be our North Star. Big Bjarke Ingels, Founder of Telosa Design

We’ll have to wait and see what happens over the next few months as far as this futuristic urbanization project. It is expected that the first inhabitants, if the required funding is obtained, will be able to settle in this metropolis in 2030. Would you like to be one of the first inhabitants? You can already register on the official Telosa website.

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