La Tucita: actress who succeeded with Pedro Infante, but failed with “Los Hermanos Almada”

La Tucita: actress who succeeded with Pedro Infante, but failed with "Los Hermanos Almada"

In the The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema there were several children who won over the audience with their talent and charisma, one of them was Maria Eugenia Lamas, better known as “The Tucite”who triumphed with Pedro Infanta. The actress was very popular in her childhood, however, when she tried to resume her career and do some films with “Los Hermanos Almada”, she did not have the same success.

The artist was born on February 19, 1944 andn Mexico City, and from an early age he began his career, for when he was only four years old he debuted “The Three Huastecs”a film where he shares the credits with Blanca Estela Pavon Yes “The Idol of Mexico”, captivated by his talent, his tenderness and his charisma. The two got back together in “the seminarian” Y”They say I’m a womanizer.”

Because she was immortalized with her character from “The Tucite”, This is how she was known throughout her childhood career. Llamas appeared in “the two orphans“, “Street Children”, “A Street Between You and Me”, “The Second Woman”, and “The Age of Temptation”However, at just 15, the actress decided to retire from the big screen. Already in adulthood, he returned to Mexican cinema, but unfortunately not with the same success.

La Tucita debuted at the age of 4 with Pedro Infante Photo: Special

La Tucita failed in “The Almada Brothers” movies

During the 1980s, Maria Eugenia returns to the seventh national art with a film by “The Almada Brothers” call “the death trigger“, in which in addition to sharing credits with Mario and Fernandoalso shone with Eleazar Garcia “Chelo” and Isaura Espinoza –remembered for his time in the theatre-files; among other stars of the so-called “Western Mexican”

After this participation, he returned to “Killer Hunter” (1983), by José Luis Urquieta, and “The criminal” (1985), by Fernando Durán Rojas, both with Mario and Fernando Almadawho despite being the most acclaimed actors of the moment, could not shed light on the career of “La Tucita”, for which he failed in this he returned to the cinema and again removed from the big screen.

It is until 2008, that he returns to have a participation in a film. “beyond me“, by director Jesús Mario Lozano, is the last feature film in which he worked Maria Eugenia Flames. The movie played Luis Gerard Mendez, Flor Payán and Humberto Busto, and had little diffusion and acceptance by the public, since on sites specializing in the seventh art, such as IMDb, it has a rating of 5 out of 10.

What happened to La Tucita?

In his years away from the spotlight, Maria Eugenia Flames he started a family. In 1966, she married the actor and animator Romulo Lozanowith whom he had his children Fernando, Maria Eugenia and Luz Maria. He lived in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, where he continued his activity in magazine theater, comedy, radio and television; She was also coordinator of the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) of the State and director of culture of the municipality of Monterey.

On August 31, 2014, Maria Eugenia Lamas “La Tucita”died in the city of Zapopan, Jalisco, at age 70, following a cardiorespiratory arrest. The actress is known for her participation in the golden age of national cinematography and for being an icon of the child stars of that era.

María Eugenia Llamas “La Tucita” died in 2014 Photo: Special


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