ISEM applies mental health and addiction tests to doctors, interns and students

ISEM applies mental health and addiction tests to doctors, interns and students

In an effort to take care of the mental health of medical students, interns and medical residents, the Mexican State Ministry of Health is applying mental health and addiction screening to this sector, reported the Secretary of State for Health, Francisco Fernández Clamont.

“We analyze them to see how they fit in with their mental health status and if any need attention during our stays in our units, we refer them to psychology or psychiatry because we are interested in mental health and to the organic health of our students, interns and residents,” assured the manager.

On average, between 5 and 8% of students, residents and interns needed some type of mental health care for various reasons.

“As a product of the pandemic, of their childhood, of their life story, they may suffer from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, some have had suicidal thoughts,” he said.

Fernadez Clamont announced that so far in the entity there have been no cases of violence against resident doctors, interns or medical students, and assured that the Institute of Health of the State of Mexico had given particular attention to the period of social service.

The doctor by profession recalled that the internship periods were long in previous years, however, they are now more user-friendly.

In the State of Mexico, there are eleven locations for medical residences and there are nearly a thousand residents.

“We are a model at the national level because of our regulations that are about to come out in terms of medical residences, even if the Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico, the National Association of Residents, told us, we are going to be a national model of progress in all the statutes, in the regulatory standards in terms of medical residences, ”added the Secretary of State for Health.

He added that the said regulation will give certainty to medical residents in terms of training, academic matters, preservation of their rights and others.

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